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Secret Ways to Save on LEGO

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If your kids are passionate about LEGO it means that you buy LEGO sets often. All of them come with hefty price tags so it is always so nice to be able to save on your kid’s favorite toys. The tips below will help you stock up on LEGO items as gifts for your children and their friends.

1. Check Consignment Stores.

Most people visit these stores to get some clothing items. However, you will be surprised to see sets of LEGO there, and many of them in very good condition. You can find LEGO sets at 60 to 75% off the retail price which makes a very good deal. The chances are that you may even see the sets that were put together to be showcased on a shelf rather than to play with. It should be noted that if you buy several sets you can negotiate an extra discount on your purchase!

2. Check Facebook and Craigslist.

Consider checking a Buy/Sell group on Facebook and Craiglist for posts from people selling LEGO. When children outgrow their toys the parents may be willing to sell the ones that are still in good condition, including LEGO. You can often come across LEGO sets in perfect condition offered for sale at the very low price.

3. Always Check the Aisles for Sales.

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Every time you shop at Walmart, Fred Meyer or Target make sure you head to the LEGO aisle to look for sales. Even though LEGO is rarely offered with big discounts still occasionally these stores run sales on toys that may include LEGO items as well.

4. Check eBay.

Naturally, you can find many LEGO items offered for sale on eBay. Some of the deals can be really great while others may be not good deals at all. Some people complained that the sets they purchased on eBay had some missing parts and they had to order them from the LEGO website. Just be careful when you are buying LEGO items on eBay. Some sellers may sell LEGO by the pound while others sell by the number of pieces. Well, you had better find out exactly what you are buying because a hundred pieces may turn out to be just a bag of tiny LEGO pieces.

5. Let Friends Know Your Kid Loves LEGO.

Tell your friends that your kid adores LEGO and who knows may be one of your friends has a pretty large collection of LEGO he or she would be happy to sell or just give away. And even if your friends’ kids don’t have spare LEGO pieces to share or sell they are likely to inform you about any deals they’ve seen posted.