Le Creuset and Staub Cast Iron Discounts at Sur La Table

Sur La Table Winter Sale

Many cooks prefer cast iron cookware to anything else for four reasons. First, meat browns better and veggies cook faster. Second, even heat distribution provides for better overall cooking results.

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Third, the cookware lasts forever and requires minimal cleaning. Forth, they can be used on any stove and also in the oven.

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If all those valid reasons are not enough to convince you to add at least one cast iron pan to your kitchen, listen to this: Sur La Table is offering up to 55% off on Le Creuset and Staub cast iron staples! Shipping is also free on orders of $59+.

Staub Sale at Sur La Table

Both of those brands are world-renown and for a good reason. People are obsessed with Le Creuset and often have a cult-like following. You will never go wrong buying cast iron Dutch oven from Le Creuset or any item from Staub - they will serve you a lifetime and that of your children.

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Both companies have lots of products, but take a look at what’s on sale and see if you can use something from them:

Le Creuset 2.75 - Quart Round Dutch Oven, $130 (was $250)

Le Creuset Sur La Table Discount

This discount is about as good as it gets at almost 50% off, making it the best time to invest in one of those iconic cookware must-haves. This Dutch oven is perfect for a small family or people who don’t have unlimited storage space in their kitchen. Everything you cook comes out looking, smelling, and tasting amazing – sauces, soups, pot roasts, casseroles, and everything else.

Le Creuset Sale

Staub 3 - Quart Tomato Cocotte, $230 (was $436)

Staub 3-Quart Tomato Cocottee on Sale at Sur la Table

The pot looks just as good as it cooks and will make you feel like the best cook during your next family dinner. Even when you are not actively cooking, this statement pot simply calls for being displayed. Currently you will get $43 value decorative knob when you buy $200+ of Staub cookware. Le Creuset’s Flower Cocotte and Heart Cocotte are also heavily discounted during the sale.

Staub Promotion at Sur La Table

Le Creuset Multifunction 2.5 - Quart Pan, $180 (was $285)

Le Creuset Multifunction 2.5 Quart Pan

Having a multifunctional anything is always smart because you get more for your money. With this set you get a pot and a lid, which also doubles as a skillet – talk about multiple uses! Now you can whip up eggs and pancakes all at once and provide delicious breakfast for every picky eater in your family.

Staub Cast iron Double - Burner Griddle and Plancha, $180 (was $371)

This cool cookware will let you accomplish a lot at one time and will use your cooking space with maximum effect. Plancha means “grilled on a metal plate” in Spanish and it really is. You can make pizzas, fajitas, pancakes, and plenty other things.

Staub Sur la Table Coupon

12.5 - inch Bistro Grill, $100 (was $195)

Le Creuset Grill at Sur la Table

No back yard for grilling? Raining? No problem with this Bistro Grill that not only will give you smoky flavor, but will also get the sear marks right on top of your stove. Steaks, grilled chicken, zucchini, and fish can be done in minutes and help you miss summer a little less.

Le Creuset Coupon

If you want unusual colors, Bloomingdales offers an exclusive collection of Le Creuset.

Le Creuset Discount at Bloomingdales