KiwiCo Medieval Fun Box Review

KiwiCo Medieval Fun Box Review

All the kids dream about either being a princess to be saved by a brave knight or a knight fighting the dragon to rescue the princess. So KiwiCo Medieval Fun box is just perfect for both a boy and a girl to inspire for creating his or her own adventure stories. With this box you can build your own Medieval castle, catapult and fire-breathing dragon wagon plus learn a lot about various inventions created during Medieval times.

KiwiCo Medieval Fun Box

So let’s look inside the box. KiwiCo Medieval Fun includes 3 castle pieces, 2 dragon pieces, paper dot pack, 3 character pieces, 2 sticks, 2 strings, 4 paper strips, 6 foam buttons, a catapult box, aclothespin, a catapult stick, 2 sticky foam pieces, 4 wheels, 6 pom-poms, elastic cap, 3 foam stands, instruction sheet and Imagine! magazine.

My son is a big fan of KiwiCo creative projects. Each box contains supplies for three projects and he decides by himself which one to start with. This time he started with the first one – the catapult.

The Catapult

KiwiCo Catapult

For the catapult you will need a catapult base, a clothespin, elastic, pom-poms, catapult stick, a sticky foam tab, a cap and large foam buttons. First, put a large foam button onto one end of the clothespin. Then poke the clothespin through the catapult base and attach the other foam button onto the end. Place the sticky foam tab on top of the catapult stick, where the hole is. Place the sticky foam dot on the other side and slide the foam stick through the clothespin.

KiwiCo Catapult Making

Poke one side of the elastic through the hole on top of the base and the other end through the hole in the catapult stick.

KiwiCo Catapult Model

Press the end of the stick down and put a pom-pom in the cap to launch. 

The Dragon Wagon

Dragon Pieces

To make the dragon wagon you need dragon pieces, paper dots, wheels, a string, sticks, paper strips and small foam buttons.

Peel the White Backing

Peel the white backing of the sides of the dragon box and press paper dots onto the sticky surface. Then slide the sticks through the holes in the wagon, add wheels and secure them with small foam buttons on each side.

Add Wheels to the Dragon Wagon

Thread the string through the holes and tie a knot.

The Dragon Wagon

To make a dragon peel the white backing off and press the ends of the paper strips onto the sticky surface.

The Dragon Wagon by KiwiCo

Place the dragon into the slot on the front of the wagon and take it for a stroll.

The Medieval Castle

Castle Pieces

To make a castle you will need castle pieces, brown string, character stands, characters, pom-poms, completed catapult and a dragon wagon.

First, you need to make the front door flap open. Use the brown string to attach it to the drawbridge, after that connect the string to the castle wall.

Make the Front Door Flap Open

Then use the pieces to assemble the castles, with the tower in the center. You can tug the string to raise the drawbridge, if necessary.

The Medieval Castle

Put characters onto the character stands and place them onto the castle.

Medieval Fun Magazine

Now you can start playing. My son used these props to create an adventure story about saving the king from the mighty dragon. The dragon wagon and catapult were also engaged. He used pom-poms to shoot at the castle and capture the king in the long run. The child was very excited about playing the game. Plus, in the evening we read the magazine and he learnt about Medieval inventions like sand clocks, steel and iron armor, wheelbarrows and street clocks.

Medieval Inventions

I highly recommend KiwiCo Medieval Fun box as the children can learn a lot about the Medieval history and have fun!