KiwiCo Doodle Crate Handmade Slippers

KiwiCo Handmade Slippers Box

Doodle Crate is my girl’s favorite monthly delivery. She is almost 10 and has always loved various arts and crafts. The more tedious the project, the more she loves it. The fun is in little cute details for her, always has been, so when I looked into KiwiCo subscription, Doodle crate was the match made in heaven and so it continues to be.

We are on our 5th crate this month and one more is coming for sure because I have a 6 month subscription. I am 100% positive that after it is over, we are extending it for a few more months. There is no way to get out of it for me because kids love KiwiCo crates so much. They are waiting for new boxes not any less than for their birthday gifts!

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Handmade Slippers Box

I enjoy KiwiCo subscription because I don’t have to do anything to get amazing projects with all the needed supplies come to our door ready to entertain the kids for a few hours. My son’s Tinker Crate doesn’t usually take that long, but my daughter can spend a few days completing her Doodle projects. She loves to work on something for a long time and would be sad if she finished fast. She is old enough and plenty attentive to detail, so I am never needed for help. I stay around them when they work on their crates and enjoy watching them focused and busy. I capture all of that on camera and then move on to dinner making or working while kids are having fun and learning new STEM things.

A lot of Doodle crates include projects that have to be made from felt or artificial leather. This month’s project is handmade felt slippers – perfect for colder fall days and upcoming winter. My daughter has never liked wearing anything on her feet, so my hope is that slippers made by her will be a different story.

Doodle Crate Handmade Slippers

Each crate costs $19.99 and I think it’s a very fair price. If I had to come up with ideas and drive around various stores picking up supplies, I would spend hours and a lot more than $19.99. This $20 is probably the best spend dollars every month and I will continue as long as my kids are interested.

Making slippers is not as easy as it seems, it turns out. They are taking a few days, especially because it’s birthday time and there are so many gifts and distractions. My daughter is always very diligent and she won’t do anything in a rush, so I still have to see the finished product, but I like the process.

Making Slippers

She had to choose if she wanted grey or navy slippers, desired size, and was able to create her own design – cat ears. Slippers consist of sole, cushion, insole, and upper part. All the parts have to be cut, matched, and stitched together. All the supplies are provided, except for clear tape, scissors, and scrap paper.

Working on this project makes my daughter get creative and not be afraid to try different things. Making her own decisions is not always easy for her, because she wants perfection in everything in her life, so making imperfect slippers is a great dose of thinking outside the box for her. I also enjoy seeing her working with a needle and gaining confidence.

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Handmade Slippers Project

All in all, we continue to love our KiwiCo Doodle Crates – it’s always time well spent and new things learned. We will be looking forward to November delivery for sure!