KiwiCo Doodle Crate Desktop Corkboard

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Desktop Corkboard

I am one of these parents who struggle to keep their kids busy during summer. And it’s my own fault because I didn’t sign them up for any summer camps. I decided that kids need to decompose after the long school year, they need to just be kids, they have a pool to enjoy, and they will be just fine. While they really needed to decompose, I am the one who is not fine – they don’t use the pool, most of their friends are in Europe, they are bored out of their minds, it’s too hot outside to do anything, and they sit at their devices all day or fight with each other non-stop. So yes, this mommy is not very fine. And the only consolation is that we ourselves are about to go to Europe for a month. Otherwise I think I would check myself into a mental facility.

Doodle Crate Summer Offer

All of the above is why I am thankful for KiwiCo subscription for both kids. Sure, it doesn’t take a long time for them to finish the projects, but I’ll take anything that meaningfully occupies them for at least a few hours from time to time.

Previous Doodle crates brought projects that were just a little too tedious and just a tad too long, but this desktop corkboard was not bad at all. It took my 10 year old daughter a few hours to make it, so she worked on it on and off for three days. And those few hours was time when she didn’t fight with her brother and instead engaged in STEAM related activity, making this mommy quite happy.

Desktop Corkboard Design

Kiwi crates are usually very much enjoyed in this family. We love getting boxes with not only project ideas, but all the needed supplies already included and delivered, and additional ideas. And not some mindless activities, but creative assignments that help kids develop some skills, think, and follow directions. And since I am not very creative and crafty, I feel grateful that companies like KiwiCo exist to help exhausted mommies from time to time.

Doodle Crate Desktop Corkboard

The latest Doodle crate project was useful and easy. My daughter likes making cute little things that are not very complicated and can be used later. And cute corkboards can definitely be used for pinning little notes and reminders about Facetime calls with friends. Everything needed came in the crate, except for paper towels, scissors, and scrap paper.

KiwiCo Desktop Corkboard Design

I love that I don’t have to participate in any of KiwiCo projects with my kids. All I do is enjoy my silence, get stuff done while they are busy, and take a few pictures of working angelic kids, who are truly angelic when they sleep and work on KiwiCo projects.

Desktop Corkboard Painting

Making the corkboard involved taping it with a pattern, painting the design over those tapes, painting the little pins, and building the stand for the board. My daughter created her own design for painting and felt like a real artist. Building the stand was simple enough that she didn’t have to ask for any help. This project, unlike the last two, got fully finished, which made her very happy. It’s standing on her desk now and will be used quite a bit when the school resumes in August.

Doodle Crate Desktop Corkboard Offer

This latest project renewed my love for Doodle crate, because while I thought that the last two boxes were great, my daughter didn’t feel like investing as much time as they required and so they never got fully finished. I think she’ll be anxiously waiting the next one again and so will I.

Thank you, KiwiCo, for keeping us occupied and learning once again!