KiwiCo Dinosaurs Review

KiwiCo Dinosaurs Review

All parents would be happy to get their kids entertained while they learn. It’s important for young children to develop fine motor skills and logical thinking and at the same time learn something new about many different things.

KiwiCo Dinosaurs Box Offers

Kids learn best when they make something with their own hands and KiwiCo knows about that. Their Koala Crate kits offer tons of fun activities for every kid to enjoy.

KiwiCo Dinosaurs Instruction

I have a five year old son who loves to do the crafts so I took him this awesome dinosaurs kit as he seems to be eager to learn more about the ancient animals. With this kit he can make a dinosaur costume, create clay fossils and play a dino matching game. And while doing all this fun he will learn many interesting things about dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago! It’s 2-in-one experience: fun and education combined!

KiwiCo Dinosaurs Box

The kit includes dinosaur visor, 2 dinosaur feet, felt shape stickers, felt teeth and horn stickers, 3 elastics, 2 wiggle eyes, air-dry clay, 2 fossil cards, fossil stickers, game spinner, 18 tokens, token pouch, 2 game boards and instruction sheet.

Plus the kit comes with Imagine Magazine that has lots of fun facts about these huge animals that once ruled the world.

KiwiCo Dinosaurs Feet

 The first thing you can do is make a cute dinosaur costume that would consist of a dinosaur visor and feet. The costume can be customized and the child can use his creativity to create his own design. Here is the dinosaur foot my son made.

KiwiCo Dinosaurs Feet

Also kids can make fossils using the fossils cards and special clay from the kit. If your kid loves working with Play-Doh he or she will be thrilled to create things like that.

Kiwi Crate Dinosaurs Fossil StickersMy son loves board games so he particularly enjoyed the dino match game from the kit.

KiwiCo Dino Match Game Pieces

First he punched out the tokens and chose the game board. It’s more interesting to play the game with the friend as there is some sort of competition involved and this makes playing more exciting.

Dino Match Game Pieces

Each player takes turns spinning the spinner to select a dinosaur, then finds the matching token and places it on the board game near the dinosaur. You should continue spinning till you find a match for each dinosaur.

KiwiCo Dinosaurs Board Game

The player who gets all six tokens first wins. After finishing the game you can put the tokens in the paper pouch so they don’t get lost.

KiwiCo Dinosaurs Game

While playing the game you can discuss with the kid how dinosaurs looked, what they ate and where they lived. You can even compare them with the present day animals and find similarities and differences. What’s more, for the most inquisitive minds there is Imagine magazine where kids will read fun facts about different kinds of dinosaurs and even learn how to pronounce some of them, which is really hard!      

Kiwico Dinosaurs Imagine Magazine

My son loved this kit and I definitely recommend it for those children who are interested in dinosaurs. I guess, all kids love dinosaurs so this kit from KiwiCo is for every child, guaranteed. Children will learn so many interesting things while playing and the kit helps develop attention, creativity, memory, logical thinking and fine motor skills.