KiwiCo Camping Box Review

KiwiCo Camping Box 2022

Camping is a great outdoor activity that lets children explore the wilderness and learn about the nature that surrounds us. But when parents are busy at work and can’t take the child to hit the winding trails there is KiwiCo Camping box so you could enjoy the picnic and have fun right in the yard or even at home on a rainy day.

KiwiCo Camping Box Review

Here is KiwiCo Camping box. Inside, as usual, you will find the craft supplies for three projects, the instruction sheet and Imagine! Magazine. My younger son loves doing crafts very much. He loves barbeque and still remember the time when we used to go to the forest with the whole family, gathered mushrooms and had a picnic back in the home country. So, he was thrilled by the idea to make a fire and cook toy picnic food to play.

KiwiCo Campfire Project

In fact, the first two projects are related to each other.

Making a Campfire

The first project involves making a campfire using colorful paper squares pressed onto the sticky surface of the campfire base.

Making a Campfire Using Colorful Paper Squares

The effect achieved resembles the play of the fire flame.

KiwiCo Campfire

Plus, you will put a battery-operated tea light inside to light in up!

KiwiCo Campfire with Light

The project turned out very beautiful and I recommend switching off the light to While we were making the campfire my son and I discussed what campfire can be used for (to keep warm, cook the food and frighten off wild animals)

Cooking Meals on Campfire Projects

The second project is actually about cooking meals on campfire. We learned how to make a s’more and even cooked a hotdog.

Cooked a Hotdog

Now my son is an expert in making camp meals and I must say he is fully prepared for a camping adventure.

KiwiCo Hotdog

With the popularity of Minecraft many kids do enjoy survival games and ability to cook food on campfire is one of the most basic survival skills.

Customizing a Backpack Project

The third project is about customizing a backpack. Using craft supplies my son made a cute bear’s face that decorated the plain brown textile backpack. To tell the truth, I’m always very happy if one of KiwiCo box projects includes creating or customizing some sort of a bag or a backpack. I typically use it to store the box supplies. This time I also stored cookout food that we had prepared earlier in the backpack. In fact, I even got an idea how my son could use the backpack in everyday life.

KiwiCo Brown Textile Backpack

He can either put the toys inside and bring the backpack with him to the playground or use it to store other KiwiCo supplies from the previous projects. The bear faced backpack turned out very cute, but it’s mostly for kids ages 3 or 4 years old. For my 6-year-old son it’s probably too small to wear. But it is a great backpack to store toys or different craft supplies.

KiwiCo Camping Box Imagine! Magazine

Traditionally we finish our acquaintance with the new KiwiCo box by reading Imagine! Magazine. Since my son has just started school, we use this magazine to develop reading skills. He loves interesting storied about the adventures of Ella, the alligator, Peter, the parrot, and Kellan, the koala.

Camping Box Imagine! Magazine

Traditionally, his favorite task is finding the way out of the maze. Also, he learned about how to make a tent at home using just a sheet, a rope and two chairs. So, grab the chairs and the rope, make a tent and prepare for a night out in the wilderness sitting near the fire and cooking campfire food.

My son rated KiwiCo Camping box very high. All kids feel excited about camping so an idea of getting to cook campfire food right at home is just awesome.