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1. Have meaningful meetings.

Meetings will set the tone for a company direction. One should always have a weekly board meeting, finance meeting and a growth meeting so that everybody can be on the same page. You need a customer engagement team which is a core priority and should meet twice a week.

The agenda should be that all teammates are on the same page and moving towards the same goal with the same vision.

In short, it is all about communication.

This is what will make the difference in making the list consecutively.


2. Listen in the meetings

Meetings should not be an echo chamber. They need to be a time to value each person's thoughts, concerns and ideas. One needs to listen to an idea no matter where it comes from.

There should never be any attack on any idea. There is no pre-face for any idea. An idea that's put on the table just needs to be embraced.

Maybe the idea doesn't get used but what matters is that you don't interrupt or don't make excuses you just hear what the person is saying.

One of the keys in any company is to listen twice as much as speaking.

Each team member has valuable and brilliant ideas that they can bring to the table and one can get something out of every conversation.


3. Be aware of how you communicate

Everything you do communicates.

It may be your body language, your facial expressions are the words that you speak or don't speak but words are very powerful.

Consider how your actions are perceived by those around you and make sure your words and your actions lineup.


4. Plan meticulously and grow carefully

Make sure your company is a planning company set metrics and create accountability structures for each person.

The metrics say to each employee that what you're working on is important, your time is important and you are important.

Significant growth just doesn't happen by accident as it takes planning, work, vision.

Make sure the planned growth is happening. If you are growing, make sure you don't lose sight of the core values that make your company what it has been. Keep focusing on customers, customer experience and maintain a culture that is passionate, visionary, powerful and fun.


5. Own your gifts

You will need to be dedicated to take a company from two people to one of $1 billion net worth. Entrepreneurs need to utilize their own internal gifts.

You can be the driver of your own bus but you don’t need to take what somebody else wants you to do and look at what they prefer their plan is for your life.

Make sure you discover your gifts and connect with them and cultivate them. Sometimes they are a leader or an artist or both.

If you can connect to what that gift is you will go to the moon and back.

If you make mistakes on any of these, don't worry just try to do better tomorrow. A winner is actually just a loser who's tried one more time.