JCPenney Cookware Review

JCPenney Cookware

Getting quality and beautiful cookware inspires for cooking experiments and trying new recipes. Having moved to a new place to live I decided to upgrade my kitchen utensils to a new level and purchased new cookware. I love to shop at JCPenney as they offer a nice selection of products, and the prices are always good. I prefer ordering products online from the comfort of my own home. It’s faster and much more convenient than shopping in store. Plus, when I shop online, I typically come across various deal on the website or can use JCPenney coupon from a couponing site. This time, however, there were no deals on cookware, but since I was going to order several items, I qualified for free shipping which is also good.

JCPenney Kitchen Utensils

So, I started by writing the list of things I need for my new kitchen. When you need to buy several things it’s easy to forget something. Of course, you can purchase it later, but it’s better to include all items you want to buy in the same order. This way you at least will get free shipping. Even though I placed one order and included everything I needed in it, all the items I ordered came individually packages and not the same day. Probably this is because the items I ordered were quite big and heavy. So, I placed my order and got it delivered in three days. Here is what I got:

Meat Tenderizer by KitchenAid

Meat Tenderizer by KitchenAid

In my family they love meat chops and I cook them at least once a week. So having quality meat tenderizer is a must for me. This one from KitchenAid has a comfy handle and two surfaces: flat for pounding chicken cutlets and the textured one for tenderizing meat. The tool is not very heavy, but it tenderizes meat very effectively. The head is oversized, and it takes a couple of seconds to get the job done. Just perfect.

A Set of 3 Mesh Strainers by Cuisinart

Mesh Strainers by Cuisinart

It comes in 3 different sizes and is excellent for sifting. Just a cookware essential you can’t do without. It features durable steel mesh and is dishwasher safe.

2&4 Quart Rectangular Bakers by Cuisinart

Bakers by Cuisinart

I often bake in the oven. From lasagnas, roasted chicken, meat with vegetables and cheese, casseroles and more the choice of dishes prepared in the oven is wide. This 2-pack set of beautiful Venice Red color features elegant design which is timeless classics. It is made from durable ceramic with glossy finish that ensures the right degree of heat retention and even heat distribution. Its sleek design allows serving the baked food right to the table. Functional and stylish at the same time this 2-pack set can be conveniently stored in one another to save space.

2-Pack Cookie Pan Set by Wilton

2-Pack Cookie Pan Set by Wilton

When you have kids in the family you do have to bake cookies from time to time. This set is of pale blue color and looks really cute. It passed the oven test and homemade cookies turned out to be delicious. The pans are lightweight and have non- stick surface that ensures even heat distribution and easy release. When I used my old cookie pan the cookies used to get slightly burned at the corners while those in the center remained underbaked. With my new cookie pans this problem is eliminated and all cookies are baked evenly now. I am really happy with my purchase. I didn’t even know that this problem could be so easily fixed with the purchase of the new cookie pan set.

Divided Glass Baking Dish by Pyrex

Divided Glass Baking Dish by Pyrex

Made from high quality durable glass this baking dish is ideal for baking two different dishes at the same time. If you need to cook some foods separately this is a perfect solution to the problem. When I bake fish with vegetables in the oven I like to bake it separately, because my younger son refuses to eat vegetables when cooked together with fish. I tried to place two dishes in the oven but it’s hard to find the dishes that would fit. Divided glass is a genius way to solve this problem. And I also like that the dish looks good enough to be placed on the table right from the oven.

Summing up I can say that I’m happy with my new cookware purchase. I didn’t order too many products and didn’t spend the fortune either. I bought only the essentials, but that’s everything I need and regularly use. Investing in quality and durable cookware is a sound decision. It makes cooking more enjoyable and fun.