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Instacart Delivery from Kroger and CVS in the News

Some people living in the parts of the country where Instacart services were not available before now can enjoy deliveries from Kroger, CVS, and similar retailers. This definitely applies to 4 zip codes’ residents of Livingston County, Michigan.

The e-commerce company is based in San Francisco and specializes in same-day grocery delivery to homes. In addition to groceries, the company delivers various essentials from CVS and other stores, usually within hours. The goal here is to deliver products and make lives easier, especially for people from rural areas and older residents.

Instacart has been serving 11 areas in Michigan – Flint, Detroit, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Coldwater, Jackson, Saginaw, Traverse City, and Sarnia. The list will now include Livingston.

Instacart is always looking to expand and is analyzing the popular demand. Such analysis pointed to the need for their services in the Howell area as people were putting their zip codes to request services. Building the demand in small areas is not an easy job, but Instacart has previous experience with that.

To get Instacart services, users have to first create accounts online at They can create an account on the company app too. Once they do that, they can browse produce and other goods at local stores. Customers can even specify if they want their bananas yellow or greener. Shoppers can also select how fast they want the order to be fulfilled, anywhere from one hour to five days. The last step is for Instacart to find a local personal shopper who will shop for them and deliver everything to your home.

Some things off-limits are alcohol, tobacco products, and gift cards.

This online shopping possibility appeals to a lot of busy people: working couples, moms, and seniors.

The service is very innovative, because while some stores, like Kroger, offer online ordering, there is no delivery option. Customers have to pick the order up in store, so not much time is saved this way.

There are those who are skeptical and want to be a part of shopping and fruit picking process themselves. Some seniors love grocery shopping and a chance for socializing that going from store to store brings. Those two types are probably not using Instacart, but might reconsider in a different phase of their lives.