How to Save on Food Delivery

How to Save on Food Delivery

If our life would be all rainbows and unicorns, we all would cook fresh meals 3 times per day and live 150 years. But life is not ideal – we have COVID to worry about, we work and handle kids, we work out, we keep up a busy social life, and finally we get exhausted. Yes, cooking fresh meals is not always an option. Eating frozen grocery store entrees all the time would be miserable too, so what should we do?

The easiest answer is get food delivered from our favorite eateries. That’s fine and dandy, but food deliveries and restaurant meals are not cheap and we don’t want to break our budget on top of not living 150 years due to not cooking fresh meals.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options to get enough food to feed two adults for under $20, and that’s delivered! Read on to discover these gold mines for yourself and never stress about feeding your family again. Caution: not all this food is healthy, but it’s better than nothing on rare occasions and when budget is tight:

  1. Pizza

This is classic and was being delivered before all Ubers and DoorDashes came on scene. It’s cheap, easily accessible anywhere you live, and will fill you up for $18 at Papa John’s. If you want something less salty and fatty, add a few dollars extra and go for a local non-chain pizza place.

  1. Burgers and fries

Another American diet staple can be delivered by Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub from countless restaurants. Again, if you want a healthier option, go for a real restaurant, not fast food joint, but even Burger King has plant-based options these days. And it’s under $17 for two!

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  1. Gyros

Gyros from any local Greek restaurant won’t break your bank and will offer healthier option than pizza. Two large meat gyros would fit right under $20 for two.

  1. Chinese

Not all Chinese has to swim in fat, hence steamed dumplings.  And even if it is, late night cravings can be easily squashed for under $14 and fast with food delivery apps.

  1. Sandwiches

One can’t always have sandwich ingredients ready at home and if that’s the case with you, worry not – you can get affordable sandwiches of your taste pretty much 24/7. Subs and lean sandwiches will easily fit under $20 umbrella and will keep you full for long.

  1. Hot dogs

OK, they are totally not good for you, so don’t abuse them, but for just $13 you can get two fully loaded hot dogs with ease.

  1. Salads

Now we are talking! Those are super healthy and very affordable unless you’ll go to the fanciest restaurant in town. You can get 2 grilled chicken salads from McDonald’s for $11 and that’s the lowest end.

  1. Wraps

Wraps might not be the highest on your taste buds’ approved list, but they are food, albeit usually mediocre. 2 chicken wraps can easily go for $15.50.

  1. Fast Food Breakfast

That or Waffle House food is perfect all day long. You’ll get filling eggs and something on a side for under $14 without a problem.

  1. Tacos

Tacos can be awesome and are always affordable. And you don’t have to go to Taco Bell to get cheap tacos!

Some other ways to save money while ordering delivery food:

  • Use cash back credit card or delivery service card when applicable, for example Uber Visa Card
  • Take advantage of browser extensions that will look for deals for you, like Honey
  • Always sign up for reward programs of restaurants and delivery companies
  • Look for coupons online and on apps before ordering food
  • All delivery apps offer first time discounts, so don’t forget to use them
  • If you order frequently, sign up for memberships and save on delivery fees
  • Utilize friends referrals for extra discounts
  • Amex and Chase often have offers for food delivery apps
  • Use rewards card and credit card together if you have them for extra perks

Now let’s take a look at companies that deliver not only ready meals from restaurants, but fresh groceries for your own cooking pleasure. They all have good deals as well:

  • Amazon Fresh – Prime members get groceries delivered with $15 off the first order of $35 with code FRESH15.
  • Uber Eats – you can get free delivery on $15+ orders with membership or via a promotion. There is also 15% delivery fee, but you get an option to choose from 320,000 restaurants in 500 cities.
  • Grubhub – this delivery giant offers $12 off your first order from a new account. The company serves 3,000 cities and London, UK and always offers deals.
  • DoorDash – this leading company is offering free delivery for the first time and you can get it if you live in pretty much any major city in the US and Canada.
  • Instacart – you can sign up for 14-day free trial and get free deliveries on $35+. With this service you will get personal shoppers to get what you need from most grocery stores in your area. Paid deliveries have to be for at least $10.