How MacKenzie-Childs Makes My Life Happy

MacKenzie-Childs is one of those brands that not everybody knows about, but when they learn, they find it hard to resist.


Dinner with MacKenzie-Childs Dinnerware Set


What is MacKenzie-Childs?

The brand is based in Aurora, New York and has long been a staple in American households with their unique colors and patterns. You might have seen their bright home décor and hand-crafted furniture on social media and if those items caught your attention, you can visit the property in Aurora, New York and get lost in their workshops, showrooms, stores, and even stay at 2 Inns.

MacKenzie-Childs Furniture

It is one thing to see those unique items in Neiman Marcus, and totally amazing to hear family stories and observe them in the home of relatives or friends. Some of us are very lucky to grow up with this brand and keep the legacy going as we build our own homes. Newcomers are often surprised when they get introduced to this brand and get hooked quite fast.

MacKenzie-Childs Plates

This happened to me too. I first saw hand-painted pots and plates at a dinner party at my friends’ house and became very interested in the story and company. My friends were die-hard fans and had the entire set up going, from placemats to plates, fruit vases, and tea pots. I loved the looks right away, the quality of each item and the spirit they all radiated.

MacKenzie-Childs Dinner Party

My dinner experience encouraged me to look for information about the company, understand their message, and think about starting my own collection. I have seen some of the products in Neiman Marcus, but never took time to explore what this company is all about. After some research I have to admit that their message is inspiring and the products are a lot more than just dinnerware and pots.

MacKenzie-Childs Fruit Bowl

How did this brand inspire me?

First of all, the company is all about thoughtfulness and that covers more than just hand-painting and corporate responsibility. The details on their products speak volumes; they encourage you to stop for a second and enjoy the fine things in life, smell the roses, and pause.

MacKenzie-Childs Teapot

Second, the brand focuses on friendship and making people feel special. Their pottery and furniture are designed with the idea of making others feel appreciated and loved.

MacKenzie-Childs Collection

Third, we should live our life in a way that every day could be a reason for celebration, an occasion. It can be somebody’s birthday, a teacher’s appreciation day, or a simple lunch with friends – any and all of those things call for a small get-togethers and time taken to enjoy each other with cheery dishes and cute designs. Their dishes and tea pots inspired me to become interested in tea ritual and hosting friends with the help of fresh salads served in flowery bowls.

MacKenzie-Childs Dish Set

Fourth, I got some serious inspiration to cook more with amazing kitchen products from MacKenzie-Childs. There can be a therapeutic aspect in cooking, which is surprising to me because I always associated it more with necessity and stress. Something as simple as a cute bowl or a saucepan can encourage us all to make something beautiful and tasty to put in them. And that’s what cooking should be all about, the togetherness and the celebration of life.

MacKenzie-Childs Kitchen Utensils

Less is more idea

It was amazing for me to discover that despite the size and market scope of the company, they still do everything on their property in Aurora and the grounds that back up into the lake Cayuga. It’s very peaceful there, surrounded by nature, quiet, and inspiring, which is the message the company has been sending since the very beginning.MacKenzie-Childs Home Decor

MacKenzy-Childs are well known and yet still stay true to their roots and are not rushing to grow and forget. That teaches me to stay true to myself, to be happy with what I have, to do things that mean something.

MacKenzie-Childs Set

After learning about the company’s message and culture and after having a chance to experience the quality and mood of MacKenzie-Childs dinnerware at my friends’ house, I decided to start my own collection. The best place to get that accomplished is at Neiman Marcus. The display is extensive and remarkable. You can find furniture, upholstery, home décor items, decorative pillows, table lamps, and various collections of dinnerware and pots.

MacKenzie-Childs Home Accents

The pieces are not cheap there, I decided to invest slowly, buy one item at a time to build my home collection that can outlive me and make my kids’ lives more joyous. If the prices really make you unhappy, I have discovered that it makes sense to feel and touch items at Neiman Marcus, but then go home and order from MacKenzie-Childs website because a lot of things are significantly cheaper there.

MacKenzie-Childs Coupon Deals

I hope this inspires you to get familiar with the brand and take a bit of time for yourself to enjoy the little things in life and people around you.