Homemade Organic Burgers with Fries

Homemade Organic Burgers with Fries Recipe

This sounds simple, right? And to most people making burgers at home is probably nothing new. I recognize that we are an exception since our first burger at home was grilled just 3 weeks ago. But let me tell you why – we are a European family and thus eat slightly differently than our neighbors. This is why our kids don’t like pizzas, sandwiches, and up until very recently burgers. They simply didn’t grow up with that.

About a couple of months ago we had friends over and decided to order GrubHub delivery from BurgerIM, which is kind of a boutique burger joint. Since this was the only food available at home and it came fast, kids were forced to eat those burgers. And kudos to Grub Hub for delivering so fast that even potatoes were very fresh and not soggy! This is what it took for our kids to fall in love with this American cuisine staple.

After that night kids are hooked on burgers and make us order from Grub Hub all the time! To change things up I decided to make grilled burgers at home and since then my son wants them three times a day. To save his figure and health, we make them once a week.

So here it goes, and if I can make them, so can you!


  • 4 patties of organic grass fed beef (I buy Strauss)
  • 4 fresh bakery buns
  • 2 large organic tomatoes or 4 smaller Campari tomatoes
  • A few rings of organic sweet or purple onion
  • 4 organic iceberg lettuce leaves
  • 1 sliced pickle
  • Mayo for bun
  • Seasoning
  • 4 slices of cheese of choice (we love Munster)
  • Olive oil for potatoes
  • 4 medium organic potatoes
  • Potato seasoning

Homemade Organic Burgers Ingredients

To get this going, start with heating the oil for fries. We like flat round fries, sliced like thick chips, but the methodology is exactly the same for regular shaped fries.

Personalization Mall Spatulas for Stirring

When the oil reaches perfect temperature, which is a bit hotter than medium, put fries made from one potato at a time. If you put a whole bunch of them, they won’t cook evenly.

Strainer for Potatoes

I like to use smaller frying pan, because it requires less oil. When the first batch gets light brown, take the fries out into the strainer or place them on a paper towel lined plate. Season them to taste with salt and pepper or potato seasoning. Proceed with the second batch and so on.

Paper Towel Lined Plate

I use my Personalization Mall spatulas for stirring, because they are the most comfortable and good looking, but whatever you have, don’t forget to use it and stir from time to time.

Grass Feed Beef

Each batch of fries takes a while, so during this time you can get everything else prepared. Hopefully there is somebody to man the grill while you’re attending to fries, meat, and veggies. In my house it’s my husband, but the seasoning is still my job.

Hard Core Carnivore Black Beef Seasoning

I like using Hard Core Carnivore Black Beef Seasoning that I bought, believe or not, at my local Ace Hardware. It works really well with burgers and steaks - they were not lying at the store!

Prepare the Vegetable Plate

Once the meat and buns are ready for grilling, I prepare the vegetable plate – sliced tomatoes, onion rings or straws, lettuce leaves, and sliced pickles. My kids usually stick to tomatoes and pickles, but I enjoy all of them. Mayo should also not be forgotten on the top bun right before adding vegetables.

Homemade Organic Burgers Cooking

I like my meat medium and to reach that temperature it takes just about 8 minutes on the Green Egg grill. At the very end of cooking, the buns should be placed on the grill and cheese on the meat for about one minute. As soon as the burgers are done, serve them hot and steaming with a hefty side of fries. Enjoy and don’t do it more than once a week or you’ll have to join a gym!