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Home Chef Review

Home Chef Discount

Home Chef is a meal kit delivery service and one of the best out there. I have tried a few different companies and Home Chef stands out among others. I like the quality of their service and the freshness of their ingredients. It’s not a subscription service, so you can modify your orders, skip, order extra, and change your preferences any time.

My husband tried this service when I was traveling in Europe last year and he liked it some much that he made me try it as well. It’s perfect for busy families when you don’t have time to go grocery shopping and also don’t feel like getting a takeout or too tired for going out.

Home Chef brings all the needed ingredients and step by step recipes right to your door. All you have to do is get a glass of wine and enjoy the cooking process of about 30 minutes, never longer than an hour. I am not very adventurous in the kitchen and don’t like spending time looking for new recipes, so this is perfect – I pick what I want to make and get the recipe and the needed products right to my door.

Home Chef Promotion

Getting deliveries was especially vital when corona first started and when we all stayed home during the resulting quarantine. Working from home and homeschooling my kids just about drained me beyond desire to arm myself with masks and gloves just to go buy some meat and cabbage. This is when I seriously turned to meal kit deliveries and fell in love with Home Chef.

You can order meal kits for two or for four people and get it delivered two times per week. Meals for two often were large enough for our family of four – Home Chef is definitely not skimping on portions.

You have to pick your food for an upcoming week by Thursday to get it delivered on Tuesday. It costs $6.99 per serving and shipping is included with all orders of $45. All orders reach $45 threshold, except for 2 meals for 2 people per week.

Home Chef Recipes

Our family loves healthy food cooked from scratch and we easily get that with Home Chef. We can pick meals that are high in protein and fiber, salads, vegetarian options, and low carb recipes. Flexibility of Home Chef is outstanding – they not only rotate menus every week, but offer all kinds of modifications. You can upgrade, swap, double up on protein, or avoid whatever you want. You can also skip weeks, order extras, or order less.

My husband is no cook, but he cooked beautiful meals and sent me pictures of them all summer last year, which only proves that Home Chef is for cooks of all levels. Some meals might take just 5 minutes and some over 30 minutes, but regardless of what you choose you will be able to accomplish it.

Home Chef meals come in insulated brown box and each meal is in a separate brown bag inside. Everything is recyclable, which I like very much. Everything is clearly labeled and I can tell what needs to be refrigerated and what can stay out right away. The quality of ingredients is great. One time I had to go for three weeks before I got around to cooking a meal and thus was sure that some things will be spoiled, but Home Chef proved me wrong.

Home Chef Meal

Recipes are a work of art with beautiful pictures and clear directions of each step. You do have to wash, peel, and chop veggies, but that’s about it. Everything is pre-measured and easy to use. Did I mention that there is even a wine suggestion?

Some things I have to have for recipes are pots, pans, salt, pepper, and oil. These can be found in everybody’s home and cause no problem. Every menu has nutritional value per serving, time required for cooking, information about difficulty, spice level, and how many days can ingredients stay before cooking. That last information is very conservative, as I mentioned above.

There is probably only one complaint I have – not enough organic ingredients and no meals that would be all organic. I would like to pay a little extra for that and I am sure there are plenty of other customers who feel the same. Hopefully it’s coming in the future!

This is a small sample of what you can expect to see on Home Chef menu:

  • Chipotle BBQ Crusted Chicken
  • Black & Blue Steakhouse Risotto
  • Coffee-Rubbed Steak
  • Brown Sugar Salmon
  • One-Sheet Pretzel-Crusted Chicken
  • Shrimp Fra Diavolo Farfalle
  • Steak with Garlic Chive Butter