Holiday Toys from Chewy

Frisco Holiday Christmas Tree Hide and Seek Plush Puzzle toy

Winter holidays are almost here and the time is exciting for kids furry and not, but especially the furry ones. The COVID-19 year is closing with a bang for pets after all this time their humans had on their hands to pay special attention to animals. And in return animals often saved the sanity of our human minds – quarantine, kids at home for 6 months and more, and spouses cooped up between the four walls together for months at a time. The list goes on and on!

This Christmas, like never before, our pets deserve only the best and as much of it as possible. Pet retailers know that and are standing by to provide us toys, treats, chews, and various supplies we will be wanting to give to our beloved four-legged loves.

I decided to test Chewy early and see what kinds of goodies they have in store for dogs. I will not be shopping for dog supplies in physical stores very much this year, so Chewy fits the bill for me. They have been lifesavers through quarantine and beyond for me. I never ran out of food, toys, and treats for Oska no matter how tough things got around California. And they did get pretty tough here this year… has been my go-to place for everything pet related and based on how good the company is doing, I am clearly not the only one feeling this way.

This time I was interested in toys for Christmas only and found a huge selection of Frisco brand, which is Oska’s favorite.  At the prices that Chewy is sporting, I could treat her to a whole bunch of toys and make her happy even before Santa’s visit on Christmas morning.

This is what I spoiled her with head of everybody’s favorite holiday:

  • Frisco Holiday Santa’s Cookies Plush Toy - $10.98

Frisco Holiday Santa’s Cookies Plush Toy

This toy is really 4 in one – a chewable plate and three plush cookies: Christmas tree, ginger bread man, and candy cane. Oska kills such toys pretty fast, but she will have to extend the pleasure fourfold here to get all of them.

  • Frisco Holiday Chewy Box Hide and Seek Puzzle Squeaky toy - $9.98

Big box is a lot of fun on its own, but add a ball, a plush bone, and a rope tug toy and you have a fiesta. Kids love playing tag with Oska, so I guess the rope toy will be used first, then the squeaky bone, and finally a blue ball, which is perfect for fetch games and we are still working on them.

  • Frisco Holiday 2021 New Years Plush toy - $9.98

Frisco Holiday 2021 New Years Plush toy

This toy is more for me than her, really. It is to remind us that 2021 is almost here and it just has to be better all the way around than the rotten 2020. The toy is adorned with gold letters and can serve as a small decorative pillow. I might just have to fight with Oska for it!

  • Frisco Holiday Christmas Tree Hide and Seek Plush Puzzle toy - $15.98

Chewy Frisco Holiday Christmas Tree

These toys are the most favorite in our family. Oska has a ton of fun pulling little gifts out of the Christmas tree, while boys love putting them back there. This type of multiple-part plush toy doesn’t get destroyed that fast because she loves the puzzle game more than chewing.

  • Frisco Holiday Letter to Santa Faux Leather Flat Plush toy - $9.98

Frisco Holiday Letter to Santa

The letter is made of faux leather and because it’s so thin, it really resembles an envelope.

Chewy Frisco Holiday Letter to Santa

Again, it’s more for human entertainment and laughs, but she looks mighty cute with it in her mouth.

  • Frisco Retro Video Camera Ballistic Nylon Plush with Rope dog toy - $10.98

Frisco Retro Video Camera

The camera is large, plush, and complete with a rope detail – what can be better? Not many things in dog’s world can be better and we are set to prove that such a large area for chewing is the absolute best Christmas gift.

  • Frisco Plush Squeaky Bear Dog toy - $6.98

I bought it because of its fantastic price, but I knew that it will be the weakest of all the toys. The cute ones usually fall first; such is justice in the pet world…

  • Whimzees Variety Pack Grain-Free Medium Dental Dog Treats - $32.99 value pack

Whimzees Variety Pack Grain-Free Medium Dental Dog Treats

Last but not least is a huge box of Whimzees dental treats, without which Oska would not agree to live for long. I like these too because they are grain-free, healthy, and benefit her teeth. She gets one treat per day and acts like the luckiest dog in the world, which we all know she is.

As you can see, this amount of toys for affordable price should carry us through the rest of November and first half of December. If you don’t have gifts for pets on your list, try Chewy – they have free 2-day shipping on $49+, thousands of brands, free personalization on some items, and the best customer care in the world.