Harvest Party Raddish Box Review

Harvest Party Raddish Box

I am a mother of two kids and I don’t like cooking. I still cook every day and feed my family fresh and healthy meals, but if I could avoid cooking, I would. This stems from my childhood. My mom always invited me to the kitchen, but I stubbornly stayed away. This is why I am looking for all kinds of ways to get my kids interested in cooking from early age.

Harvest Party Raddish Box Ingredients

I always let them assist me when I am making something fun, but that alone might not be enough. This is why we go to cooking classes, or rather used to go, because now it’s corona time and not many in-person classes are available.

Harvest Party Raddish Box Recipes

Raddish subscription box is another good option to get my kids into the kitchen. We have tried it twice so far and with great success.

Harvest Party Raddish Box Shopping List

Raddish doesn’t deliver ingredients for cooking, but the box comes with three recipes, a kitchen-related gift, and some tips for young chefs. Cooking something on their own makes my kids feel special and proud, much more so than just helping me. They can follow a recipe easily and with a fair amount of excitement. I totally love it!

Cook with Raddish

The recipes from Raddish are simple and include ingredients that most people have at home, so no extensive shopping is needed. This time I presented all three recipes to my daughter, who’s doing the most work, and let her pick one thing she wanted to make.

Butter for Raddish Box Recipe

The theme this month is Harvest Party and the recipes include Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Herb-Roasted Chicken, and Apple Cider Donuts.

Harvest Party Raddish Box Recipe

You can guess which one she chose!

Sugar for Raddish Box Recipe

Apple Cider Donuts were really fun to make.

Frour for Apple Cider Donuts

Little donut shapes were included and the directions were straight forward and easy.

Egg for Raddish Box Recipe

I participated, of course, but more for picture taking than actual help.

Raddish Box Apple Cider Donuts

It took us just 30 minutes to make the donut mixture and we really took our time.

Vanilla Extract for Apple Cider Donuts

They baked in 15 minutes and tasted amazing, kind of like sour apple.

Apple Cider Donuts Dough

I think my kids will want to repeat this recipe, which is great because laminated directions can be easily kept indefinitely and serve as their collection starters.

Apple Cider Donuts Recipe

The other two recipes might have to be made by me though, unless I’ll insist on little bit of help, which I might.

Raddish Box Herb Roasted Chicken

We are not big fans of sweet potatoes, but gnocchi sounds good. And who doesn’t love roasted chicken?

Raddish Box Sweet Potato Gnocchi

In addition to step by step instructions, each recipe has useful information for kids.

Harvest Party Raddish Box Cards

They can read about root vegetables, spices for fall, Newton’s gravity theory, and even learn how to make broth. There are also cards for ideas about table talk with questions like:

  • Which smells best: cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla?
  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Describe your favorite donut.
  • What are the first signs of fall that you notice?

There is another card with harvest party game ideas. Finally, there is also a shopping list for all 3 recipes is on the last separate card for convenience.

Harvest Party Raddish Box Games

Overall, I like the idea of this box, but it’s not something I couldn’t come up with myself, if I loved cooking that is, but because I don’t, I really enjoy getting a box with clear recipes, ideas, fun facts, and games all in one place. I know my kids love it too!

Apple Cider Donuts