GrubHub to Deliver Girl Scout Cookies

GrubHub to Deliver Girl Scout Cookies

There might a serious pandemic raging all around us, but that shouldn’t be a reason for us to miss out on Girl Scout sweet treats this year. At least GrubHub doesn’t think so.

GrubHub and its competitors have been essential in making sure that we stay fed and restaurants stay open all through COVID-19. Sure, there is plenty of controversy about steep fees the eateries have to pay for this privilege, but this story is not about that.

Girl Scout cookies have been sold by little girls everywhere for over a century and this is the first time when a delivery company will help with dealing. For all the years before the cookies have been a pleasant constant outside super markets and on parents’ social media pages. The pandemic disturbed this traditional sales model, but it doesn’t mean that Girl Scout cookies are going to oblivion – they are just getting creative.

In fact, this new way of life is offering various ways for creativity and innovation for little girls everywhere. Corona is helping them think like modern entrepreneurs and look for ways to thrive despite difficulties. New sales tactics and out-of-the-box thinking about business are going to be developed because as we all saw - life is not predictable at all.

The innovative sales started last year, when the pandemic was announced right in the middle of sales period, so girls got creative. Some created virtual sales booths, while others shipped their orders or hosted drive through events. All participating girls have access to personal Digital Cookie online order link, which helps them connect with potential buyers. Facetime and Zoom are just two platforms that also have been utilized for cookie sales this year. Customers can now order cookies directly from the closest troop via online Cookie Finder. Girl Scouts are collaborating with local businesses and organizations to help them host drive-thrus. To find more information, anybody can enter their zip code and discover the events that take place close to them.

This year Girl Scout members had more time to plan and prepare, which includes the partnership with GrubHub, which will deliver cookies to in some states. The hottest season for these cookies is between January and April, so expect to see lots of deliveries during this time.

To help the Girl Scouts, GrubHub agreed to not charge delivery fees for orders over $15. All the profits and proceeds from these deliveries will be given back to Girl Scouts organization. And those proceeds are no joke – girls sell about 200 million boxes each year, bringing $800 million in revenues.

The delivery will be totally contact-less and safe, so there will be no health concerns, except for maybe a few extra calories. This delivery program from GrubHub will be especially handy for those of us who don’t know any girl scouts personally and can’t meet any by local grocery stores. All we’ll have to do is order online starting February 1st and get our sugar fix delivered.

For now delivery of Girl Scout cookies is available at major cities of Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Indiana, Texas, and Massachusetts, but the list is expanding.

Little sellers will train on their feet and will learn how to manage their product supplies, monitor their orders, and fulfill customer requests. This is what so many mom and pop business owners had to learn this year.

Girl Scout cookie sales program is celebrated around the world because it’s the largest such entrepreneurial program led exclusively by girls. And it has been for 104 years. This program prepares future female leaders for a business life with goals, decisions, financial management, sales understanding, people skills, and now added e-commerce skills.

To nurture the Girl Scouts and support their activities you can order the cookies on GrubHub at select states on Thursdays-Sundays at 4-8pm, February 11 to March 21. All the orders can be placed through GrubHub website or app. The cookies come in 8 flavors at $5 per box. So eat on and support our girls!