GreenPan Vs Tefal

Greenpan vs Tefal

With so many cookware brands available at the market these days many women find it pretty challenging to decide which brand to choose. The competition in the industry is strong and most brands offer products which are pretty much the same. But how to choose the brand that meets your cooking needs most?

GreenPan Nonstick Frying Pan

That was the question I asked myself when looking for the perfect nonstick frying pan to replace the old one. Every major cookware brand offers its own nonstick frying pans as they are extremely popular. But I trust only time-tested brands that are committed to quality and take sustainability seriously. Of all the brands available I narrowed down just two: GreenPan and Tefal. You see, a nonstick frying pan is the kitchen utensil you are going to use every day. Whether you are frying pancakes, chops or scrambled eggs a quality frying pan is a kitchen essential you will rely on. It’s important that the food doesn’t stick, the pan cooks evenly and it’s easy to clean after using it. Plus, the pan should be free of harmful chemicals and toxins, so they don’t mix with food when heated. These are the criteria I checked cookware brands against, and these are the factors that matter to me the most.

Pans by Tefal

My old frying pan is by Tefal and I decided to check GreenPan as it has become very popular lately. So, I would like to compare these two brands and decide whether to replace my old Tefal frying pan with a newer analogue or try GreenPan.

T-Fal Ultimate

First, I checked information about these two companies. So, Tefal is manufactured in France while GreenPan is manufactured in Belgium. Tefal is manufactured with aluminum while the latter with recycled stainless steel and aluminum. Tefal non-stick coating is PTFE while GreenPan’s is Thermolon. In fact, GreenPan is the first brand that introduced safe nonstick coating and continues to invest in innovative research, and they are always on their toes in the industry. Their cookware design is the most contemporary and sleek, and the pans are very functional as well. Made with Thermolon GreenPan is ceramic-based pan that can deal with extreme heat. But the most important factor for me is that they don’t feature such toxic substances as PTFE, PFAS, PFOA and cadmium.

GreenPan Ceramic-based Pan

Another thing that distinguishes GreenPan among the competition is their commitment to sustainability. Their production is based on recycled aluminum and stainless stees, as well as the use of Thermolon coating which decreases CO2 emissions to more than half.

T-Fal Ceramic

Now let’s research information about Tefal. This company has been operating for over 60 years and is a world-famous cookware brand known for high quality non-stick frying pans. The quality is ensured by following strict safety practices and administering regular checkups. Now all Tefal products are free of PFOA, but PTFE inert coating is used for safer cooking. In addition, Tefal pans feature their signature low-fat coating so you will need just a drop of oil to cook your meal.

Tefal also works hard to reduce its environmental impact and claims to reduce pollution by 90%. Tefal production is currently based on 100% recycled aluminum and this way the company contributes to helping the environment.

When it come to pan design there are big differences between GreenPan and Tefal. GreenPan Rotterdam model comes with stainless steel handles with a rubber coat that you can remove if necessary. This design is new and offbeat while Tefal’s design is more traditional.

And finally, I will analyze  pan durability of both brands. GreenPan offers just 1 year of good performance while Tefal guarantees 3 years of excellent cooking experience.

Pans by Greenpan

Considering all the factors stated above I decided to purchase GreenPan. Both brands seem to have much in common and are definitely some of the best in the market. However, GreenPan is more eco-friendly, and its innovative coating is free of hazardous components. Even though Tefal has longer lifespan, having the frying pan which is safe is the key factor to me.