GreenPan Premiere at William-Sonoma

GreenPan Premiere at William-Sonoma

You may agree with me or not, but I think that Americans are gradually changing their eating habits. Eating at home and homemade food is becoming more and more popular. And culinary shows also help promote this idea. My favorite chef is Bobby Flay. I have his cookbook and I’ve watched all his videos on YouTube. His videos with simple but delicious recipes inspired me to cook more at home. Since I wanted to try some of his culinary masterpieces, I went to the local William Sonoma to purchase some new cookware. Imagine how happy I was to see a new GreenPan collection Premiere launched in collaboration with the very Bobby Flay I grew to love so much. So, I decided to make a luxury gift for myself and splurge on the innovative GreenPan Premiere collection.

GreenPan Premiere Offers

In fact, GreenPan Premiere is offered for sale only at William Sonoma, but not on their official website. By the way, GreenPan runs big sale online and offers up to 55% off sitewide with coupon code SAVE55. But I could imagine myself only with Premiere saucepan in my hands, so even generous rebates didn’t help switch to another collection.

GreenPan Healthy Cookware

After thorough thinking I had my eye on GreenPan Premiere Stainless-Steel Ceramic Nonstick 8-Piece Cookware Set. It includes a set of 2 saucepans of different sizes with lids, a wok with lid and 2 frying pans. An interesting thing is that lids are considered separate pieces, that is why in reality I got only 5 pieces not including lids. Each piece comes with nonstick ceramic coating featuring layers of Diamonds Advanced to ensure unsurpassed heat transfer. The cookware design is remarkable, with several unique features you are unlikely to see anywhere else. For example, the set is made of stainless steel, but the rims are wrapped to minimize the chances of chipping. Plus, the set looks incredibly polished with its Evershine finish and it is sure to look as if it has never been used yet.

GreenPan Premiere Cookware

When it comes to health and safety standards, all GreenPan cookware meets the most rigorous sustainability standards and relies on recyclable packaging and materials. GreenPan cookware is free of PFOA, PFAS, lead and cadmium and it ensures healthy cooking practices resulting in delicious and nourishing meals. An interesting fact to keep in mind: you can use metal utensils when cooking in GreenPan Premiere pans.

After using this set of cookware for over a month I want to say that it is worth every penny spent to buy it. It is extremely durable and turns cooking into art. I enjoy every moment I spend in the kitchen and I’m happy to have everything I need to try new recipes and upgrade the existing ones.