Gluten Free Baking Essentials

Gluten Free Brown Rice Flour

Coronavirus and resulting sheltering in place is going to make Martha Stewarts out of all of us. With restaurants closed or open for takeouts only, we are home, we are hungrier than usual, and we have starving kids to feed, so yes, we are forced to cook.

Bread baking is on the rise, which is why flour is all but gone from grocery store shelves, together with eggs, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies. Hopefully bleach is gone because of bleaching purposes and not as a medication against COVID-19…

Gluten Free Cake Mix

Going back to baking, some of us do it not because of necessity, but because with more time on our hands we can really enjoy it as a hobby. Finally, for others baking at home is a way to cater to their dietary needs, such as gluten-free requirement. Let’s face it – with panic buying during this crazy time, gluten-free products are all but gone in some places. Ordering groceries online is a much longer process than normally, encouraging many people to bake at home.

Gluten Free Cookie Mix

Finding regular all-purpose flour can be tough these days, but how about something gluten-free? You might make your own gluten-free flour mix at home, but even that needs particular ingredients. So let’s take a look and see what can be found at healthy food stores or on iHerb:

Amazon is not a health store, but they deliver groceries from Whole Foods, so it can be mentioned here as well. If you type Gluten-free flour there, you will have over 1,000 results. Keep in mind that the retail giant is still experiencing long delivery delays, almost 2 months later, so don’t expect anything fast. A big part of flour there is sold through other sellers and will cost for shipping, not to mention even longer delays.

Gluten Free Cassava Flour

Whole Foods, of course, has plenty of choices, over 200 hundred types of flour. You can find whole grain oatmeal flour, organic millet flour, Bob’s Red Mill organic whole grain amaranth flour, whole grain brown rice flour, organic blended flour, muffin mixes, pancake mixes, and many others. So the choices are definitely there!

Sprouts Market is another option for healthy foods, but it has only two kinds of gluten-free flour: Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 Baking Flour and the same brand’s all-purpose baking flour.

Many other grocery stores have similar small selection of gluten-free flour as well. If you want to avoid going from one store to another, there is always Instacart that can do that for you. Instacart personal shoppers will visit your local grocery and health stores and will find gluten-free flour for you. The delivery will cost $7.99 for 1-hour and $5.99 for 2-hour window or you can sign up for yearly Instacart Express membership and enjoy free unlimited delivery. This membership costs $149 per year and makes sense if you order at least 3 times per month.

Gluten Free Green Banana Flour

One of the best options for getting gluten-free baking needs online is iHerb. This healthy food store has everything you need and more and is not affected that much by coronavirus caused delays. Sure, it might take 1-2 days longer then before to get your order, but it’s nothing like Amazon’s extra week or so.

iHerb has a huge variety of gluten-free flour – 993 different products. And we are not just talking about the most common Bob’s Red Mill flour. You will find many interesting staples:

  • organic coconut flour – high in fiber and iron, kosher, vegan, raw
  • organic almond flour – high in vitamin E, non-GMO, kosher, raw, low carbs
  • organic hazelnut flour – good for Paleo, kosher, non-GMO, sweet and rich
  • organic Paleo flour – blend of flours and starches, grain-free, GMO-free, rich in fiber, just 4 ingredients
  • organic green banana flour – vegan, kosher, grain and GMO free, great for sauces, low in starch, high in fiber
  • organic Cassava flour – no rain, vegan, kosher, great binder, high in calcium, iron, and potassium
  • organic whole grain Amaranth flour – this flour contain whole grains, is high in protein, iron, calcium, and potassium
  • organic whole grain brown rice flour – 100%of grain is whole grain, kosher, GMO-free, stone ground, has calcium, protein, potassium

Overall, iHerb has the widest selection and really specialized offers that can be delivered to you in a few days. If you are more comfortable with local offers, try Instacart, but schedule your shopping and delivery for off hours, in the mornings or evenings to avoid long wait time. Otherwise happy and healthy baking during corona and beyond!