GlobeIn Enchant Box Review

GlobeIn Enchant Box

GlobeIn is one of my favorite boxes because it always has this artsy vibe. Sure, I could get similar things if I went to various studios, art galleries, or travelled the world. Since I do none of these things, I enjoy getting some cool stuff sent my way in a box every month.

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GlobeIn specializes in items that come from all over the world and are unique and often handmade from natural and sustainable materials. Supporting artisans and women from underprivileged communities is an amazing feeling. It’s also nice to know that there are no exact copies of what I get.

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Each monthly box has a theme and you can choose what you want to get. I think it’s great that I can pick what I like because those boxes are not cheap at $60 each, so I enjoy getting what I know I will use for sure.  See GlobeIn coupons here.

Let’s take a look at what I got in my new Enchant colorful box:

  • Belle Stacking Teapot and Mug Set – Sgraffito from Morocco

GlobeIn Teapot and Mug Set

This is the main item in the box and the reason why I got it. We are a tea drinking family; I guess it runs in our Slavic genes. Even our kids love tea. This teapot is mostly for me though and for my tea drinking ritual – mama has to have some ‘her’ time once in a while and especially when the end of corona rage is nowhere in sight. So yes, I will use it every day and will enjoy my tea even more than I have so far.

  • Organic Cotton Snuggle Socks – Fuchsia from Peru and Pakistan

GlobeIn Snuggle Socks

Winter is upon us and everybody needs some cozy and good looking organic cotton socks. These will not only keep my tootsies warm, but will look good enough to be worn around guests. Colors are very Christmas-like, so I can see a long wearing season for these socks.

  • Marbled Handmade Paper Tray from India

GlobeIn Paper Tray

This tray completes my colorful new collection. It is handmade, so color pattern is different on each tray, and I said before, having unique items is important to me. I love knowing that nobody has exactly the same tray as I do. Belle teapot set will look good on the tray as well because of coordinated colors, so I will have an entire fancy set up for my tea drinking, complete with snugly socks. I say winter situation will be contained, which can’t be said about the world with COVID, raging fires in the West, and falling trees in the East.

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Overall, I love my new GlobeIn box again, because what’s not to love – one-of-the kind items delivered from far away countries that I can’t even visit during this time. And I will drink my tea from my colorful tray wearing my cozy socks to a much better year 2021!