GlobeIn Indulge Box Review

GlobeIn Indulge Box Offers

GlobeIn is one of a few boxes that manage to surprise me every time. Yes, I know it’s always unique and consists of products made by artisans in the faraway lands, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but every time I still get overwhelmed with beauty of those items.

GlobeIn is a subscription service that comes once per month, but unlike so many similar ones, it lets you pick a box that you like instead of bringing a ton of products that you might never use. I like going to their website and picking something that speaks directly to me and fulfills my needs. At $60 per box I better be sure I will like and use what I get!

GlobeIn Indulge Box Deals

I also think that $60 is justified and love knowing that my money supports and benefits artisans in India, Vietnam, and various African and South American countries. Western mass production businesses have it made without me, so supporting disadvantaged communities around the world brings me great joy. Not to mention that I get products most often hand-made from sustainable natural materials. I see no down side to this subscription at all!

This month I wanted to try Indulge Box and this is what I got:

  • Hand painted mini cake stand from India

GlobeIn Hand painted mini cake stand

This wood and glass cake stand is fair trade and meant to provide the perfect mood for girl get togethers, little deserts with tea, some gossip, and serious quality time thanks to sweet guilty pleasures. It is made of Indian mango wood, has hand painted glass cover, and fits cakes up to 7”. Girl time just got elevated to a whole new level of cuteness in my house!

  • Olivewood Oven Rack Pull from Tunisia

I never knew I desperately needed this tool until I got it from GlobeIn. It’s super convenient and I don’t have to use towels or kitchen gloves to pull a hot oven rack in order to check my roasts. Each tool is made by hand from olive wood and is unique, which I absolutely love.

  • Cake topper banner – handmade Indian papers

GlobeIn Cake Topper Banner

Every cake has to have a topper and it totally doesn’t have to be a wedding cake. This paper topper is super cute and makes everything more festive. I will make sure I won’t get it wet, because I would like for it to last for a long time.

  • Nutmeg Powder – fair trade from India

GlobeIn Nutmeg Powder

I love nutmeg and this organic kind from Southern India is the freshest I’ve ever used. It is grown in biodiverse small farms without hurting native forests for its cultivation. Nutmeg kernels are hand-picked and ground into powder right before shipping, hence the freshness and full bodied taste.