Gingerbread House Kits: Delicious and Fun Way to Prepare for Christmas

Prebuilt Gingerbread House Kit By Bee

The tradition of making Christmas gingerbread houses is one of the most favorite in our family. My kids love decorating and making stuff, so every time it’s a great joy for them to assemble, decorate and eat the gingerbread house on Christmas.

Gingerbread House Kit By Bee

This year I purchased two gingerbread cookie kits at JCPenney. The first is Prebuilt Gingerbread House Kit by Bee ($14.99).

Prebuilt Gingerbread House Kit by Bee Nutrition Facts

The kit includes pre-baked and pre-built gingerbread house, pre-mixed icing, decorative bag & round tip, as well as decorations like multicolored mini gumdrops, mini beads and holly leaves and berries.

Prebuilt Gingerbread House Kit by Bee Ingredients

First of all, I want to say that getting a pre-built kit is a great plus.

Pre-baked and Pre-built Gingerbread House

It saves a lot of your time, and all you have to focus on is getting it decorated in a really beautiful way. It’s very convenient that the kit includes the decorative bag with the special round tip.

Decorative Bag

To start decorating the gingerbread house you need to make some preparations. Cut about 1 cm from the tip of the bag and place the round tip inside. Then put the icing into the decorative bag and fix the upper part of the bag so the icing doesn’t get out. Squeeze the bag and start decorating the house.

Decorating the Gingerbread House

Make sure you don’t use two much icing as it’s definitely not enough to decorate all the house as it is shown on the kit picture. And now it’s clear to my where there is a recipe how to make an additional icing on the back of the kit. You will need to make an extra icing to have your house decorated properly.

Gingerbread House Decoration

As for house decorations there were too many of them and my kids ate the remaining ones just like candy. I wish they included more icing and less decorations, because having to make an additional icing was frustrating for me and took some time.

Gingerbread House Decor

Overall, my kids liked the activity and found the gingerbread house quite delicious. The advantage of this kit is that it comes prebuilt and is equipped with the decorative bag. Little amount of icing is its downsize.

Holiday House Gingerbread Cookie Kit by Crafty Cooking Kits

The second gingerbread house my kids made is Holiday House Gingerbread Cookie Kit by Crafty Cooking Kits ($6.99). It contains gingerbread cookies, white icing, rainbow drops and candy lights.

Holiday House Gingerbread Cookie Kit Direction

This house is twice smaller than the previous cooking set and it comes not pre-assembled.

Holiday House Gingerbread Cookie Kit Ingredients

So be prepared to spend some time assembling it and fixed it with icing. The icing comes in a plastic bag, without any decorative bag and tip.

Seal the House Parts

You are supposed to cut the end of the icing bag and carefully squeeze the icing out to seal the house parts and decorate the house. To tell the trull, it's very uncomfortable to do it without a special round tip.

Decorate the House

Luckily, I had one from Prebuilt Gingerbread House Kit by Bee, so what I did is pour the icing into the decorative bag with the round tip from the previous cooking project and use it to decorate the house. The house was tiny compared to the first one, but icing was enough to decorate all of it.

Holiday House Gingerbread Cookie

As for its taste, I would definitely recommend the first kit, as the cookies themselves were rather tough. We prefer them to be more tender.

The main disadvantage of Holiday House Gingerbread Cookie Kit is that it doesn’t have a decorative bag. Without it it’s difficult to make a neat job, plus the house is too small for children to do it right. Kids will have to rely on parent’s help to get the project done.

Gingerbread Cookie Kit

Summing up I can say that both cooking kits have their own advantages and disadvantages. Bee Gingerbread House Kits is prebuilt and comes with a special decorative bag with round tip. It’s easier and faster to decorate the house using it. The only problem with the kit is that there is two little icing, so be prepared to make some extra icing to finish the project.

Holiday House Gingerbread Cookie Kit is too small and it’s hard, especially for kids to make the project without special plastic round tip. A decorative bag with the tip is needed for this kit as well.