Garden Play KiwiCo Box Review

KiwiCo Garden Play Box

Growing flowers is sure fun, but it’s even more fun to watch it grow in a quarter of an hour and be able to shape its growth. All this and even more is possible with new Garden Play box from KiwiCo.

KiwiCo Garden Play Box Offers

This box with craft ideas and supplies will also teach your child the rules of photosynthesis and how to look after plants at home so they blossom and flourish. While pirate theme is mostly for the boys the girls will definitely love this box offering interesting projects and a chance to play a fun game.

My son is 6 years old, and he loves creative projects very much. During COVID lockdown KiwiCo boxes came in handy and with eliminated outside contacts they helped keep my son busy and entertained at the same time. Even now I keep getting KiwiCo boxes because he grew to love them very much. I think they offer a great opportunity for preschool children to develop their fine motor skills, attention and thinking abilities, and every project is unique and well designed. Plus, they often send a KiwiCo coupon with their new box or to my email so I can save on my subscription.

Build Flowers with KiwiCo

My kid and I usually make projects one by one as they are given in the instruction sheet. Often the first project is connected with the other ones. This time however we started with the second one which was a fun game.

Flowers from KiwiCo

The task of the game is to build flowers using pipe cleaners, leaves and petals.

KiwiCo Flowers

But the trick is that you need to build it while playing the card game and you are supposed to follow the instructions on the card and pick the flower or arrange the leaves as it is shown on the card.

One-of-the-kind Flower

Every time you take the card you should follow the prompts on it to create your one-of-the-kind flower. The game may seem simple, but it adds excitement to the process of creating the flower. There are three flowers you can make at a given time, so the game is perfect for up to three players. Kids love this sort of games, and my son was excited to play it with his elder brother. This game kept him busy a record 40 minutes and deserves very high ratings.

KiwiCo Flowers Game

Then we proceeded to the first task which is growing your own plant. You are given the plant pieces and you need to assemble it.

Growing Plant Game

The most difficult part is to make the leave blossoms.

Make the Leave

This process requires fine motor skills and a high degree of concentration as the pieces of paper your child uses to make a flower are thin and tend to tear into pieces if you press it too tight.

Make the Leave Blossoms

Plus, the child has to be very accurate while working with the glue to get the flowers fixed onto the leaves. But the tree turns out very beautiful and is worth all the efforts taken.

Plant Stand

When the tree was made my son was proud to show it off on the kitchen window ceiling, then the tree found its permanent place as the kitchen table centerpiece.

Garden Play Tree

The third project from the box is mostly for girls and my son was not very interested in it. He did sew the flowers and leaves onto the apron but refused to wear it.

Garden Play Bag from KiwiCo

Still, it’s very good for a child to practice sewing so at least he coped with the assignment and finished the task.

Garden Apron From KiwiCo

But he was thrilled to have a new shovel and he is going to take it to the beach next time to play in the sand.

Garden Play Bag

Overall, Garden Play box from KiwiCo is an excellent opportunity for parents or kindergarten teachers to teach children the basics of gardening. Kids are very inquisitive at this age, and it is interesting for them to discover where fruits and vegetables grow, where they get energy to grow and what is needed to get a good harvest.

Garden Play Imagine! Magazine

In the Imagine! magazine my son learned all the stages of plant growing from seeds to a fully grown blooming plant. He even planted the lemon seeds in a cup with soil and can’t wait to see young leaves pop up.  

Imagine magazine garden snacks