Freshly 2022 Review

Freshly 2022 Review

I usually avoid purchasing precooked meals and always cook from scratch using fresh ingredients. But last week I had a very busy work schedule and decided to order ready made dinners to last for 5 workdays from Monday till Friday. Another option was to go out for dinner, but I thought I might be too tired to dine out and it would take too much time. I wanted to have some food ready for me to just heat it up and enjoy. I went online and found many positive reviews about Freshly. I liked that the meals had plenty of fresh vegetables and the menu was varied. So, I decided to give it a try and ordered a subscription. I included Frilled Lemon -Tahini Chicken, Homestyle Chicken, Salsa Roja Chicken Enchilada and Steak Peppercorn in my first order.

Freshly Promotion Code

It was my first subscription at Freshly and they offered a discount on my order of five meals. No discount is given on your first 4 orders, thought. So, I used Freshly promo code “SAVE125AFF” and got $25OFF each of my 5 next orders.

Freshly Promo Code

Each order consisted of 5 meals and cost $58.95. In other words, I saved total $125 on my first 5 orders! Wow, I couldn’t even expect that much!

Freshly Box

My order arrived exactly as scheduled.

Freshly Fully Cooked Meals

The box featured several layers of ice to ensure the food stays cool and doesn’t go bad.

Grilled Lemon-Tahini Chicken

The first meal that I had was Grilled Lemon-Tahini Chicken with rice, broccoli & cauliflower pilaf.

Grilled Lemon-Tahini Chicken by Freshly

The meat was tender and rice with vegetables were delicious. Honestly, I couldn’t even expect it to be that tasty.

Lemon Tahini Chicken by Freshly

The next day I savored Steak Peppercorn served with sauteed carrots and French green beans.

Steak Peppercorn

The beefsteak was not tough, well done, served under creamy sauce with mashed potatoes and vegetables as side dish.

Steak Peppercorn by Freshly

This meal is simple and at the same time nourishing.

Freshly Steak Peppercorn

I do love home food so I couldn’t skip Homestyle Chicken with Masterful Mac & Cheese.

Homestyle Chicken with Masterful Mac & Cheese

Indeed, the taste of chicken breast fried with almond flour in the oven was delicate and accentuated by brown rice pasta with cheese.

Homestyle Chicken

The dish comes with green vegetables as well.

Freshly Homestyle Chicken

All three meals mentioned above are not spicy but have enough salt and herbs to taste really good.

Salsa Roja Chicken Enchilada

I do love Mexican food and often dine at the local Mexican restaurant.

Freshly Salsa Roja Chicken Enchilada

To offset my having to stay at home this week I ordered the Mexican meal for a change.

Salsa Roja Chicken Enchilada by Freshly

Salsa Roja Chicken Enchilada is a multi-layered spicy dish with shredded chicken inside, red salsa and beans all under melted cheese.

Savory-Sweet Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

Of all five meals I liked Savory-Sweet Chicken Teriyaki Bowl the most. Basmati rice with chicken and boiled vegetables is the dish I cook at home often.

Freshly Savory-Sweet Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

This one tastes different due to its sauce with coconut sap used as a natural sweetener. The meal is simple and classy, but it preserves some original flavor I haven’t been able to recreate yet. I wish I knew the sauce recipe to add it to my cookbook.

Savory-Sweet Chicken Teriyaki Bowl from Freshly

Summing up I can say that Freshly is a nice alternative for home cooking when your work schedule is really tough. It’s very convenient to order your meal plan and all you need to do is just heat it up and your dinner is ready. I like that all meals come with plenty of vegetable, the meat is high-quality and tastes good. Plus, it usually comes under some sauce that adds new flavor even to the most common meals. Another advantage of Freshly meal plan is affordable price. I can say I would even spend more if I purchased all the ingredients in the store. Then add the time it takes you to get to the store and back, cook the food and do the washing up and you will see all the advantages of Freshly meals.

However, after eating Freshly for five days in a row I realized I got tired of this food and cancelled my subscription. And guess what? They sent me a VIP exclusive offer with 13 free meals for my account reactivation. So, they offer to send me my new order for free! Insider tip: you can cancel your subscription for a while and wait till they send you a very good deal. The offer will be too good to ignore as they will do their best to encourage you to reactivate your account.