Foods Paired with Martinis

Foods Paired with Martinis

Some of us can attest that you can do no wrong matching your favorite foods with your favorite martinis, but there are some combinations that just work better than others and can enhance your night out experience even more. You should always look out for perfect balancing, contrasting, and complimenting capabilities when choosing different flavors of your favorite drink.

Martinis are definitely not one-sided and offer a ton of choices, so once you have your meal selected you will have no problem choosing the perfect drink to go with it.

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The classic martini

The best way to start thinking about various combinations is to choose a drink that either compliments the flavor or is a complete opposite. If you prefer the classic martini, think about pairing sharp cheeses and salty nuts with it to enhance that herbal bitter taste. Hummus with pita chips can contrast the bold flavor of classic martini. Choose chicken or fish appetizers and beef or game meals to enjoy perfect combinations of flavors.

Pairing the opposing flavors

If you are into spicy foods, try combining those hot bites with citrusy or sweet martinis for exciting balance of flavors. Lime flavor martinis go great with lots of Spanish dishes and dips, while sweet lemon or chocolate concoctions compliment spicy chips and salsa. Food is not the only thing that can be spicy – think mocha chili-infused vodka martini paired with sweet bread, butter rolls, or dessert pastries for extra flavor.

Spicy Chips

Matching flavors

Matching flavors play off each other and offer safe harbor, but it’s very important not to cancel each other out. For example, lemon-drop martini goes very well with sushi, but a Manhattan is not such a good choice there because the flavors are just too similar and can’t supplement each other. Sweet martinis made of berries and fruit go very well with cream or crab cakes. Lemon shrimp will be superb with a lemon-drop martini.

Dessert martinis

Dessert martinis go great with spicy foods, but are not often combined with desserts because it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed with sweets. Great flavors of martinis to complement dessert can be an apple or coconut martini with vanilla ice cream or a chocolate mocha martini with a pie. If you want to do a little matching, you can try a mixed-berry martini with a fruity dessert, like strawberry shortcake or blueberry pie. A sweet Manhattan is perfect with a cherry pie or a decadent crème brulee.