Farmers Market from KiwiCo

KiwiCo Farmers Market

Get kids to learn about farmers market with this awesome DIY project box from KiwiCo. When I was a little girl I used to role play as a salesperson in the supermarket and that was my favorite fun activity, apart from being a doctor, of course.

Farmers Market from KiwiCo

Now my younger son seems to have inherited my passion for selling and assumes the role of a shop assistant whenever he has a chance.

KiwiCo Farmers Market Promo

Imagine how happy he was when I brought Farmers Market box from KiwiCo.

Farmers Market from KiwiCo Deal

Now he could make some play vegetables and even open his own stand.

KiwiCo Farmers Market Instruction

What more, there was some play money to make the play even more realistic and fun!

When we opened the box we found the following supplies in Farmers Market from KiwiCo: fabric tomatoes with tomatoes leaves, carrots with carrot tops, fluff, pea and corn beads, pea pods, corn husks, pipe cleaners, carton baskets, wooden clothespins, chalkboard signs, chalk marker and play money.

KiwiCo Farmers Market Kit

Tomatoes and Carrots

To make tomatoes you will need fluff and 2 tomato bags with leaves.

  • First you need to put some fluff inside the tomatoes so it gets round. Then place a tomato leave on top with the red part tucked inside. Pull the string tight and tie a knot.

Put Some Fluff Inside

  • Repeat the above steps to make another tomato.

Carrot Bags with Tops

  • To make carrots you will need fluff and carrot bags with tops.
  • The process of stuffing the carrots is identical to that of tomatoes.

KiwiCo Tomatoes and Carrots

Peas and Corn

To make peas you will need pea pods, green beads and green pipe cleaners.

  • First you need to open a peapod and poke a green pipe cleaner through any hole.
  • Then fix the end of the peapod with the pipe cleaner and string the green beans onto the pipe cleaner.

String the Green Beans

  • Fix the other end of the pipe and repeat all the steps described above to make the second pea pod.

KiwiCo Peas

  • Making corn is a little bit more complicated but also fun. The beads themselves are so cute and bright that my son was thrilled to string them. Plus it is a very good exercise for developing fine motor skills. 
  • So, to make the corn you will need yellow and blue beads, corn husks and tan pipe cleaners.

Tan Pipe Cleaners

  • Slide four tan pipe cleaners into one yellow bead.
  • String yellow and blue beads on each of the pipe cleaner.

String Yellow and Blue Beads

  • Slide all four pipe cleaners through one yellow bead on top.
  • Place the corn into a husk.
  • Repeat to make one more corn on the cob.

KiwiCo Farmers Market Peas and Corn

Produce Baskets

KiwiCo Farmer's Market Produce Baskets

To make the baskets for selling vegetable you will need chalk marker, chalkboard sign, clothespins and baskets.

  • Use the chalk marker to write what you are selling and its price on a chalkboard sign.
  • Slide the tab on the sign onto the clothespin and clip it onto the basket.
  • Place your veggies into the baskets and you are ready to sell!

If you wish you can decorate the box with art supplies you have at home and use the scissors to cut the slots for putting money in it. The box will serve as a cash register.

KiwiCo Farmer's Market Offer

Now it’s time to open your farmers market, give your friends some play money and invite them to shop at your stand!