Fake Cake

Fake that cake, hot wedding trend that will save you 1000s of dollars

fake cake

The starting cost for a three-tier custom wedding cake can be anywhere from $1500-$2000 or more. One can pay $500 if you want to cut into a cake on the big day and the center contains polystyrene foam. It is the fake cake trend, catching on at weddings and other events for their cost savings. A fake cake uses realizing and can be elaborately decorated as any real cake but the inner structure of each layer is not edible.

When it comes time for the cake cutting ceremony there are two options. A precut knife slit allows a couple to play make-believe and a slice of real cake is brought from the kitchen for face stuffing photo ops. Another option is having real cake served as a top-tier so the couple can enjoy cutting it. Either way, the fake cake is whisked away to the kitchen and a cheaper less decorative sheet cake is served to guests.

Ultimate Fake Cakes started five years ago in Howell Michigan. A stay-at-home mom to seven children who loves baking and creative Cake decorating frequently shared her treats with staff at her children's school. One day the teacher asked this stay-at-home mom to bake a cake for her wedding and what it made out of Styrofoam covered with real icing. Now over 500 cakes later her business is taken off with making cakes for both local, national and international clients. Fake cakes aren't just for weddings either. Two thirds of this mom's business is weddings but another third comes from other events such as bar mitzvahs, Sweet 16 parties and corporate engagements. The substantial cost savings of a fake cake can be significant.

One bride couldn't believe the cost savings. The fake cake was quoted at $200 versus $1200 for a real cake of the same size. Even with the cost of a sheet cake she saved $800. No one really knows that is a fake cake. Someone commented how it looked as if carrying that cake was nothing.

Another advantage to a fake cake is that a bride is able to preview the cake before the day and follow the progress of their cakes creation. Most brides get to see their cake until the day of the event.

With the designer look of these fake cakes and extreme cost savings any bride can have their cake without needing to eat it.