FabFitFun Winter Edition

FabFitFun Winter Edition Box Deals

FabFitFun is one of the boxes that don’t leave me indifferent. I am always looking forward to receiving it. I have other subscriptions, as a proper addict of such boxes should, of course. I love getting CauseBox and Beachly too. They both are very good, but don’t beat FabFitFun for me for some reason.

FabFitFun Winter Edition Box

I love the fact that FabFitFun always includes a nice variety of items from fitness, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. It’s not only Beachly’s beach related stuff or CauseBox’s do-good items from sustainable materials. Sure, there is nothing wrong with those too, but I like not knowing what is coming next and a healthy mix of products.

FabFitFun Winter Promotions

FabFitFun is a quarterly box that costs $49.95, but items inside are always worth at least $200. This is what I call value! And even if I occasionally get something that I don’t have any use for, I can always re-gift it and that saved me a few hours of shopping for small gifts so far.

As Christmas is approaching I am thinking about giving a box of FabFitFun to a couple of my friends. This is definitely a gift that keeps on giving because each box contains 7-9 full size items and that is 7-9 gifts instead of just one.

FabFitFun winter offers

In short, FabFitFun is exactly what I need because while I love staying on top of fitness, beauty, and fashion trends, I really dislike shopping for them, and given COVID-19 and its masks, I don’t feel like going to the stores altogether. This is why home delivery of boxes curated by industry experts works great for me and would do so for you as well.

FabFitFun Winter Deals

Let’s take a look at what came in my understated, but still beautiful brown FabFitFun box this time:

FabFitFun Winter Box Deals

First, it’s FabFitFun magazine with featured Katie Couric, beauty trends, holiday spirit, and a list of all included products.

  • Impressions Vanity Company LED Vanity Mirror - $45

Impressions Vanity Company LED Vanity Mirror

Every self-respecting lady should own a mirror like that and I so far I haven’t. FabFitFun decided to fix that by sending this mirror to help me see what I am doing with my makeup. And I have to admit that I don’t know how I survived without if for all these years!

  • epare Cutting Boards (set of 4) - $19.95

epare cutting boards

Wooden cutting boards are great, but these sturdy plastic ones are just as nice. They grip the surface nicely, can be washed in the dishwasher, and easily dedicated to meats and veggies based on color. I love how they don’t take much space and bend easily.

  • Phase Zero Makeup Making Moves Blusher - $27

Phase Zero Makeup Making Moves Blusher

This color is velvety soft and blends into my skin perfectly. I need this now more than ever on those rare occasions when I find a reason to venture out of my house. With masks and stuff our eyes and parts of the cheeks have to do all the talking and this blusher really has it going on.

  • Whish Lip Scrub in Vanilla Bean - $20

FabFitFun Whish Lip Scrub

I am not that crazy about vanilla flavor, but somehow it doesn’t bother me here as much. It is made with organic brown sugar and shea butter to soften my dry winter lips and I am very thankful for it.

  • MUK LUKS Cabin Socks - $25

FabFitFun MUK LUKS Cabin Socks

I might not be going to any cabin any time soon, but who’s to say that I can’t wear these around the house? I can and I will! They are the most cozy and warm things with little grips on the bottoms to make sure I don’t go skidding on our wooden floor this winter.

  • Summer & Rose Cozy Robe - $70

Summer & Rose Cozy Robe

This robe is destined to become my most trusty after shower companion. It’s soft, fuzzy, and complete with two side pockets. I can already picture myself in it after my morning shower with a cup of coffee in my sun lit backyard looking at the ocean in the distance. Dreams can sometimes be so easily achieved!

  • nOir Jewelry Ombre Leopard Scrunchies - $25

nOir Jewelry Ombre Leopard Scrunchies

Scrunchies are back big time and so is my need for them. I will use these to keep the hair out of my face during gym sweat sessions and while working in the garden.

  • Lele Sadoughi Maroon Velvet Headband - $49

Lele Sadoughi Maroon Velvet Headband

One of my best friends is obsessed with this style of headbands, which make her look like a Russian princess, and there is absolutely no reason why I couldn’t try this for the holidays as well. Great minds think alike they say and FabFitFnn definitely thinks very much like my fashion-forward friend.

Winter Box FabFitFun Coupon

Last, but not least there are 3 coupons30% off nurish vitamin subscription service, $15 off first FabFitFun box that can be given to a friend, and 9 free Hello Fresh meals.

FabFitFun Nurish Vitamin Coupon

All three offers sound very good to me!

9 free Hello Fresh meals Coupon

Thanks FabFitFun for bringing some holiday cheer my way yet again!