Chocolate Mixtures For the Airbrush Gun

Everything you need to know about temperatures is important to successfully apply spray gun mixtures. The velvet effects can be created in a myriad of colors.

The velvet effects

This article is helpful in recognizing perfection in velvety airbrushed mixtures. The golden rules for the preparation of airbrush textures. In choosing chocolate cocoa butter mixture, always choose chocolate with the right fluidity. Respect the chocolate/cocoa butter proportions 60/40. It creates a very fluid mix that can easily be sprayed through the gun nozzle. Heat the cocoa/butter or cocoa butter/color mixture to 50°C before pouring it in the airbrush recipient. You want to avoid any block in the spray gun. In case of cocoa butter/color mixtures, always use fat-soluble color powder. Heat the spray gun in the heating cabinet before pouring in the mixture. A cold spray gun may otherwise again block the gun as it sets the mixture. Always apply on a deep frozen pastry at -18°C. The thermal shock is necessary to create the velvety effect. After you are done spraying store the spray gun in the heating cabinet too. Spray in a thin layer as a layer to thick may peel off.