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All of us pet parents understand and agree that pets are like our children and have needs, likes, dislikes, and many wants we need to cater to. Special diet? Check! Natural snacks? Definitely! Multiple beds? You bet you!

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And then we also want to get all those things to us pronto and without leaving the house, yes? Not leaving the house part is especially important now that we all are sitting at home in quarantine or self-isolation trying to avoid the deadly corona virus.

Chewy Coupons

It’s a great relief that has us covered and is still ready to treat us and our pets like royalty, even if takes a couple days longer to get all the provisions to our door. We can’t be mad at them, can we now?

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But let’s start from the beginning and discuss Chewy, what it is, how it works, its pros, and a few cons:

So what is Chewy?

Imagine Amazon for pets, and when we say pets, we don’t just mean dogs and cats. You can shop over a 1,000 brands of supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, rodents, reptiles, and even horses to name just a few. Anything you might need, will have. The company was established in 2011, bought by Petco a few years later, but remains an independent entity with no desire for physical stores.

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Chewy is loved not only for wide array of choices, but also for savings – its autoship service will save you 30% on the initial order and then 5-10% on all others. In addition to those savings, shipping is free for purchases of $49+. Smaller orders ship for $4.95 fee.

How do you order on Chewy?

When you visit the website for the first time, you will have to create an account with your basic information and some facts about your pet. You won’t be able to shop without this account and it is also used to customize your experience. You should answer queastions about your pet’s name, breed, weight, age, and dietary preferences. Don’t forget to upload their picture as well.

The website is very user friendly and simple to use. You start by choosing the type of pet you are shopping for and then go to whatever department you need – food, toys, travel, and other supplies. Pet owners can also fill in their prescriptions and buy preventative medication. During normal time delivery is always 2-days, but due to corona virus and increased demand, give them 4-5 days and be patient.

Why is Chewy so loved by pet parents?

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Savings would be the first reason – 30% and then 5-10% off on autoship of products that your pet uses most. This applies to many popular brands. Then there is convenience, when you can find everything you need in one place and get it delivered for free to your door in two days. It’s easy to update, change, or cancel your orders, so you can feel great about taking the best care of your pet at any stage of its life.

Chewy offers many free tips and video tutorials for new pet parents helping them establish routines and rules. This is not only free, it’s priceless. You can learn many things about your pet’s life and needs without looking for this information all over the internet or going to your vet.

What about Chewy customer service?

This is the most legendary part about the company. From the very beginning Chewy focused on providing unprecedented customer service. The company has 24/7 customer service and no answering machines. You will connect to a well-trained and knowledgeable representative from United States any time of the day in under a minute. You can call, email, or use life chat to connect with them.

The company also offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so you know that every problem will be addressed and solved or your money back.

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Besides these basic ways of making you happy, Chewy takes it even further – if you are not happy, if your pet is sick, if there was a problem with a product you ordered, don’t be surprised if you will find a custom made pet portrait at your door. While not all customers get this gift all the time, there are other ways how Chewy can use your pet’s picture to make you happily surprised.

What are the pros?

  • There are no membership fees
  • Live customer service 24-7 year round
  • Huge savings with autoship option
  • Free 2-day shipping on $49+
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Convenience of delivery

Are there any cons?

  • Shipping only to addresses, no P.O. boxes
  • No international shipping
  • Shipping is not free for under $49
  • Big discount is applied only for the first autoship order
  • Prescription meds can’t be returned

At the end of the day, Chewy is huge, convenient, fast, and hard to beat with customer service. There is simply no reason why you shouldn’t give them a try if you haven’t done so yet.


I Tried Chewy And I Never Go Back

Chewy $15 OFF Coupon

My love for grows after each order. Today was my third time ordering from them for my dog Marlo and after that I remain a loyal and still kind of new customer. is an online pet supply store that was founded in 2011 and became an independent subsidiary of PetSmart in 2017. From day 1 the company was heavily invested and focused on customer service. Their belief is that happy pet parents will keep coming back for more, resulting in buying more, so Chewy always does everything in its power to make customers happy. In fact, they count their success not by sales numbers, but by happy customers, and it shows.

Chewy Treats For Dog

My first order with them included some toys, chews, and treats for my dog. I was happy to receive everything in 2 days and Marlo was happy to have all kinds of goodies for himself. He killed some toys immediately and saved some for later. The snacks were great and the chew is still around, somewhere.

My second order was canned dog food and a very sturdy toy. Again it all arrived promptly and nicely packed in recyclable box, large enough to fit my 60 pound dog in it for pictures. This time I ordered a toy so tough that this turtle is still not killed today. It’s MIA though, but I think it’s under the sofa somewhere.

Today I received my third order, which I bought with a coupon from eBay. I couldn’t believe how many good deals can be found there for just a couple of dollars. I saved $15 on my $75 purchase for just $3!

Chewy Limited Time Offer

I really didn’t need anything, but shopping at is so addictive that I decided to browse a little, just for fun. I went through all the sales offers and picked a discounted rope Rudolph for those toss and fetch games outside (I don’t think Marlo knows that Christmas is over). Next came the cutest bottle of champagne with a glass on a rope stem, both with squeaks inside. I am known as a big fan of prosecco, so my baby getting his own bottle of prosecco was priceless. And since New Year’s Eve is over, the price was very cheery.

I was also thinking ahead, so I looked at what is offered for Valentine’s Day and wasn’t disappointed. I loved a cute pink mailbox with three envelopes inside. While my baby is getting neutered in a couple of days, there is no reason why he couldn’t enjoy a few love letters. The toy is great because it takes him some time to get the letters out through a small hole. Each plush letter is different color, contains a squeak inside, and is adorned with a heart. Once he gets them all out, one of us puts them back in and he starts over again. There is nothing better than your 1 year old adolescent puppy staying busy!

Chewy Puppy Box

Finally, I looked even more ahead and decided to get something for the next Halloween. I didn’t get him a costume this year and that got the kids very disappointed. Next year he will be a delivery man, complete with a cape, a package in his hands, and a hat, which won’t stay on his head too long unless I will distract him with treats.

All my orders with Chewy so far were without any glitches, so I didn’t have any reason to contact their customer service, but based on reviews I can imagine that it would be a pleasurable experience.

My next Chewy order will be Purina Sport dog food that I currently had on auto-order from Amazon. I am getting a big bag every two months, but this month was my last from Amazon. Right after Christmas I got an email that the usual 27th delivery is delayed. This email came on 30th of December, before which I already went and bought a small bag of food since my order didn’t arrive in time. The email said that it will be delivered between January 1st and 3rd. That caused me another trip to a grocery store for another small bag. The food was late for a week, which completely defeats the purpose of auto-delivery. After I complained about that to Amazon customer service representative via live chat, they offered me $5. That didn’t even cover my gas spent on driving. I don’t like to complain and I rarely do, but I felt that Amazon showed total disregard for me, offered a funny amount, and closed the issue after I told them I will be switching to from then on. They really don’t care that their customers of 12 years are going to leave.

My next review will be about auto-order and I hope I won’t have to feel neglected by customer service should anything happen. Yes, mistakes are possible; it is how the business takes care of them is what matters.

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