Chewy Goody Box "Polar Paws" Review

Chewy Goody Box “Polar Paws” Promo

Chewy does it again with a very winter appropriate box. While it’s still just October, there is no reason why a proper puppy can’t be ready for winter, when the cold season is so much fun. Colorado and mountain dogs might already be experiencing winter chills and polar paws, and Chewy knows that.

Oska is a California dog, but she loves winter in the mountains. And nothing helps her get in a mood more than Frisco toys and accessories that are brought by Goody Box. I like the box because it frees me from driving and shopping for toys and treats. Every month we get two toys, two treat bags, and an accessory or chew coming right to our door for just $19.95. Goody Boxes can come to the door at any time, but once a month is enough for us, so I try to space them out this way. First time customers can often find coupons and special deals to try it for even less.

Chewy Goody Box “Polar Paws”

The value of each box greatly exceeds $19.95, because there is no way you can just go to a pet supply store and get 2 premium toys and 2 all natural treat bags for this little. If you calculate your time investment, the value of the box might triple.

This is what Oska got to enjoy this time:

  • Frisco Bungee Plush Squeaking Reindeer dog toy

Frisco Bungee Plush Squeaking Reindeer dog toy

This reindeer might not be pulling Santa’s sled by the time Oska is done with it, but she is going to have fun while it lasts. The toy is stretchy for tugging games that my son loves and has crinkles that Oska really enjoys.

  • Frisco Holiday Buffalo Check dog blanket

It’s a bit on a small side for a German shepherd, but it’ll have to do. She may never get cold enough for me to attempt to cover her, but I will use it for holiday photo shoots. It’ll have to be stored away from her though or it won’t live to see those holiday shoots.

  • Frisco Holiday Plaid Bandana

Every dog should have a holiday bandana that matches its holiday blanket, and Chewy knows that. I can already see her sitting on the blanket wearing this bandana on our Christmas cards this year. The carcass of the plush reindeer can also be incorporated into those pictures.

  • The Pioneer Woman Beef & Brisket

Chewy Pioneer Woman Beef & Brisket

I am not the biggest fan of Ree Drummond and her tense fake smile, but she knows her way around the kitchen, and now Oska can benefit from that. The treats have real beef and no grains, so I’ll take it. The treats are all natural and made in the good old USA, which is another bonus.

  • American Journey Soft Baked Turkey Recipe treats

Chewy American Journey treats

These treats are perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Since I don’t imagine them lasting until Christmas or even Thanksgiving, they will be great for October dog spoiling. There is nothing wrong with feasting on these all natural bite size goodies for no particular reason at all.

In short, Oska loves this box the same way she loves all other Goody boxes from Chewy. It’s worth mentioning that all the boxes can be bought anytime, so got to Chewy and bring winter party for your furry love any time!