Chewy Autoship Review

Chewy Autoship

I have been using Chewy for a few months now and have quite a few positive things to say about them. I think it’s the best service for all pet owners who don’t have any desire or need to go to physical pet stores. I haven’t used them before because my dog is young and when I had my German shepherd years ago, Chewy wasn’t around.

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What’s so special about Chewy, you might ask? It’s a collection of things, I would say. The company is young and functions with customized pet care in mind, which can only mean good things. They have been acquired by PetSmart a few years ago, but were left to function as an independent entity, and that was probably the best decision.

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In this opinion about Chewy I won’t ramble too much about their wide selection, free shipping, pharmacy, superb customer care, and personalized pet profiles, even though all those things are very important. The biggest reason why I love Chewy is their super convenient Autoship option that I would encourage everybody to try.

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We all know what things our pets enjoy so much that they can’t live without them. For me it’s dog food and canned dog food, but for my dog it’s Whimzees dental dog treats, Frisco toys, and American Journey treat bags. So all these are products we don’t ever want to run out and this is why they all are on my Autoship order from Chewy.

Autoship works wonderfully and frees me from headache about reordering things for Marlo. I have his 47 lbs. Purina High Protein 30-20 dry dog food arrive every two months, Whimzees – every 6 weeks, and treats with toys on custom Autoship delivery. When you go with Autoship, you can set time of delivery and also modify it anytime you want. If I see that toys are getting ripped up faster than anticipated, I can go to Marlo’s account and order them on demand.

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Besides convenience, savings is another reason for my Autoship love. The first order is 30% or $20 off after setup and all subsequent shipments are 5% off. 5% might not sound like a lot, but it makes a difference when you order as much as I do. See more Chewy promotions here.

Just like all other shipping at Chewy, Autoship has flat $4.95 fee unless you make your order at $49+, which I always do. If I see that Autoship order is going to be smaller than $49, I always add an item or two to be shipped together with Autoship and save on shipping. You can expect to receive your items in 1-2 days during normal years. It could be 1-3 days in 2020, and we all know why.

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I can’t write about Chewy and not compliment their customer service. You can reach a live person via telephone or chat 365 days 24/7 in under one minute. Corona pandemic is probably one exception, when people sometimes had to wait a few minutes. Once you reach a representative, his or her sole purpose is to make you happy post-purchase and answer all your questions before buying something. They are even known for sending hand written notes and pet portraits as thank you and as condolences. This is why it’s so important to set up a pet profile – you never know when they will decide to treat you royally.

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I also love how Chewy offers tens of thousands of items from over 1,000 brands for all kinds of pets with amazing prices. They have foods and treats for various diets, allergies, likes, and dislikes. They have every toy on the planet for gentle and not so gentle jaws. They can call your vet and fill your prescriptions, which you can return if something doesn’t work. Chewy delivers food, clothes, entertainment, medications, beds, leashes, travel supplies, grooming needs, and much more from horses to lizards and everything in between. You name it – they have it.

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I think it’s sufficient to say that because of Autoship savings and all other amazing Chewy’s features, the company is firmly on the top of my pet needs fulfillers for years to come, and I can’t imagine anybody doing a better job anytime soon.