Cars Project from KiwiCo

KiwiCo Cars Project Box

If your kid is into cars and loves DIY projects he is sure to enjoy building automobiles and experimenting with a racing ramp.

Cars Project Box from KiwiCo

With Cars from KiwiCo he will also explore tire-track patterns and learn traffic safety rules. KiwiCo Cars box offers tons of fun for young car enthusiasts who are passionate about car races.

KiwiCo Cars

So let’s open the box to see that is inside. The Cars box contains: 1 red and 1 yellow foam cars, 12 wheels, 12 foam buttons, 6 wood sticks, foam shapes sheet, wood truck, stamp pad, stamping paper, 4 ramp pieces, wood starter piece, instruction sheet and, of course, Imagine! Magazine.

Automobile Workshop

Naturally, this projects starts with making cars. You will need 2 foam cars and a wood truck, long and short sticks, wheels and foam buttons.

KiwiCo Cars Box

The cars are very easy to assemble and my 5-year-old racer coped with the task without my help. Just push short sticks into foam buttons, add grey wheels on top and slide the cars onto the sticks.

KiwiCo Foam Car

Then goes the truck. As with the cars you should begin with pushing a short stick into a foam button and don’t forget to add a thin wheel. Next push the long stick into a foam button and add a thick wheel.

KiwiCo Foam Cars

Slide the long stick through the front of the truck and secure it with another thick wheel and foam button. Do the same with the short stick. The truck is ready.

KiwiCo Automobile Workshop

Racing Ramp

Once the cars are assembled naturally my boy was eager to get them on the race track as soon as possible. To make a racing ramp we used a ramp, two slides, a support bar, starter piece and checked tape.

KiwiCo Racing Ramp

First, push the tabs of the slides into the slots.

KiwiCo Cars Racing Ramp

Push the support bar into the slots and the starter piece into the slot on the ramp.

KiwiCo Cars Racing

Stick checked tape in front of the starter piece and set your cars behind it. It’s time to play! The child can experiment with distance and textures, rolling cars on different surfaces. So he found out that cars move slower on bumpy or soft surfaces because of added friction and much quicker on smooth surface.

Kiwi Crate Cars Racing

I must say that when my child is engaged in making projects like this he learns to concentrate his attention and develops logical thinking. He is extremely happy to create his own toys and it’s really fun!

Tire-Track Stamps

This is a perfect way to teach your kid about treads that keep cars from slipping on the road. This is an important safety rule to learn!

You will need a truck you’ve made before, foam shaps, a stamp pad and paper. As the project is messy make sure you cover your work surface!

KiwiCo Foam Shaps

First, stick the foam shapes onto the thick wheels. The child can make customized treads of his choice.

Kiwi Crate Tire-Track Stamps

Then roll the thick wheels over the stamp pad so they are completely smeared in ink.

KiwiCo Tire-Track Stamps

Put the paper on the flat surface and drive your truck across the paper to make tracks. When the tracks become light blue you can roll the wheels over the stamp again and keep rolling!

KiwiCo Cars Imagine

Car KiwiCo box is just awesome for my car lover. It includes everything young children love so much: driving cars and making tracks. Plus, there are so many educational activities in Imagine!

KiwiCo Cars Project

Magazine, including a car hunt, motor maze and traffic safety rules. It is education and fun combined, a win-win for both kids and their parents.