Disposable Cake Decorating Bags

Plastic Cake Decorating Bags

Disposable plastic cake decorating bags save time, money, water and worry.

For what it costs just to empty and clean one canvas or thermo bag, you can purchase 5 disposable decorating bags. The average retail bakery can save about $2000.00 annually by using these disposable bags. No worries from the Health Department! No wasting of HOT water! No wasting of TIME!

Cake Decorating Bags

Icings stay fresh and ready to use for days. Disposable means there is no messy clean-up. You can start with a fresh sanitary bag every time or if preferred, you can refill them for continued use. Our bags are perfectly suited to fit all tips, couplers, and decorating methods.


Disposable clear plastic decorating bags

Popular for fast and easy decorating. These bags are moisture resistant and make color identification easy and provide a convenient storage for icing.


Disposable Pastry Bags on a Roll



These non-slip disposable pastry bags are more durable and easier to handle allowing the decorator to maintain a better grip on the bag.


Grip To Go Disposable Pastry Bags

Anti-slip for a better grip. Heavy duty disposable pastry bags for all your decorating needs.