Buying GreenPan in Stores vs Online

GreenPan Cookware

For me purchasing a new frying pan has always been tricky. It’s a big challenge to find the one that would cook evenly without burning the food and is made of quality eco-friendly materials. Now more and more people become environmentally conscious, and I do believe that even small efforts help in such a big cause as nature protection. It’s not a secret that pans used to cook the meal affect the quality and nutrition value of the food. Cheap frying pans are known to release toxins that get into the food you prepare. These are to be avoided the first thing. As for me, I’ve found the cookware brand that meets all my high standards. It’s GreenPan and I will explain why I prefer this particular pan maker.

GreenPan Cookware Deals

First of all, they claim to be an environmentally friendly company that employs sustainable practices in product production. Second, they invest heavily in technological development revolutionizing the cookware production industry. And the last, but not the least, they provide pans with healthy ceramic nonstick surface which is free of toxic components.

GreenPan Pan Collections

For me the benefits of using these pans are obvious. GreenPan offers a variety of pan collections, so everyone is sure to choose the one that meets his cooking needs best. Whether you prefer collections of stainless-steel cookware or those with coated surface, the choice of colors and designs is impressive.

You can find the latest GreenPan cookware collections in such popular department chain stores as JCPenney, Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, World Market, Williams-Sonoma, Target and some others.

GreenPan at Targret

Or you can place your order online on their official website. Purchasing cookware online definitely has some advantages. The main advantage is the price of the products. New customers get 25% Off their first order when they sign up, plus there is free shipping on orders starting with $99. The discount can be applied just once with the GreenPan coupon code.

You can also shop for GreenPan cookware online at JCPenney or Macy’s. My favorite online store is JCPenney because they have a nice product assortment and good prices. I’m their loyal customer so it’s convenient for me to order small cookware items like meat tenderizer or mesh strainers there too.

GreenPan on Sale

To be honest, I like to shop for cookware in store because I need to see the size of it and feel how much it weighs. You can find nice GreenPan deals both in store and online. For example, right now you can save 20% on GreenPan Premier Stainless Steel Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan Sets.

GreenPan Premier 20% Off Offer

It’s a very good deal, but, on the other hand, you can save 25% on any products you buy online, and this offer is more enticing for me. In such cases I usually go to the store to see cookware live, hold it in the hand, choose what I really like and then … place my order online. I don’t want to miss a chance to save and use every opportunity to maximize the amount of the savings.

GreenPan 25% Off Coupon

However, sometimes you may fail to get a discount on the particular product ordered online. In fact, some collections are available for sale only in physical locations. For example, GreenPan Premiere in Williams Sonoma is offered for sale only in store.

GreenPan Premiere at Williams Sonoma

Having quality cookware is important for every woman who cooks often. As a mother of two sons who prepares meals every day I know how vital it is to use pans that not only look good but are also safe to use. Now GreenPan is my favorite cookware brand because of their high product standards and reasonable prices. They work hard to be in tune with the times and provide innovative products that help us stay healthy.