Buying GreenPan at JCPenney

GreenPan Discount Offer

When I moved into a new house, I decided to purchase a new cookware set to match the brand-new kitchen furniture and appliances. I wanted to try the popular GreenPan cookware brand but wanted to do some comparison shopping first. So, I was determined to check the prices on GreenPan cookware sets at different stores and find the place to buy at the lowest price possible.

Buying GreenPan

There are so many places where you can purchase GreenPan cookware. Amazon, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams-Sonoma and others. But I prefer to shop for cookware at JCPenney or their official website, because prices are typically the lowest there. However, some stores may have different offers and the price may vary a little from store to store.

GreenPan Premiere Set

First, I was interested in getting GreenPan Premiere set, but it’s rather costly and it is currently not available for online purchases. You can get Premiere collection at Williams Sonoma but only in store. I wanted to shop online, so I discarded this idea and started looking for large sets that would include everything I need for cooking. I love colorful cookware and turquoise is my favorite color. I really liked Rio Ceramic Nonstick 16-Piece Cookware Set in turquoise color. It would perfectly match ivory color furniture in the kitchen and will serve as a nice colorful accent in my interior.

Buying GreenPan at JCPenney

Then I choose the best price available. Luck was with me and it was the summer sale period when the prices are the lowest. I check the price at JCPenney first. The initial price of the set of my choice was $380 and now it is 47% off at as low as $199. Plus, the store offers an extra 20% OFF with JCPenney coupon code COOLNOFF, so the final price for me is $179.99, plus free shipping. In fact, all orders over $75 are shipped free at JCPenney. That means savings over 50% off which is really good.

The next store I want to check is Amazon. They say that you can buy everything you want at Amazon and this is true. I easily found the set I liked and the price at Amazon is $192. That’s more expensive than what JCPenney is ready to offer.

And, of course, I need to check GreenPan official website for their price. Rio Ceramic Nonstick 16-Piece Cookware Set in turquoise color costs $219.99. However, on the landing page there was a Spin to Win game and I got 25% off my order. If I apply the discount the price will drop to $165 plus free shipping. Wow, this is definitely the lowest price available. Suppose, I win 20% or 15% discount the price would be identical to that of JCPenney.

So today the lowest price available is at GreenPan official website and I’m going to order with them. If I failed to get GreenPan discount their price would be higher than that offered by the official site. It proved again my observation that the lowest prices available are usually those charged by JCPenney or the official GreenPan website. Whenever you are doing the shopping it’s just enough to check these two stores for their prices and make a decision.