Bunny James Box for WW

Bunny James Box Deals

I have recently embarked on WW journey and so far the only question I have is why did I wait so long? I have heard of WW (previously Weight Watchers) for a very long time, but I wanted to figure it all by myself – intense gym, Nutrisystem meals, long walks with the dog, juicing. You name it – I’ve done it. All those different strategies showed results, but I didn’t find any to be very sustainable.

Bunny James Box for WW

This is why when my gym got suspended after my back surgery, I finally decided to fight my increasing weight and joined WW online. I’m a beginner, but I think I’ll stick around for a while. I don’t plan to attend workshops, but being mindful of what I eat and choosing healthier meals can’t be bad. There are no frozen or dry meals that don’t taste good, but have to be consumed, like with Nutrisystem. There is no starving or drinking endless bottles of juice. There is only me and food groups that are recommended more than others in order to become a healthier version of me.

Bunny James Box for WW Diet

WW works by encouraging eating more things that are good for me. When I joined, I answered a few questions and saw myself that I could definitely cut out some dairy, meat, and starchy vegetables. If I eat more fruit and leafy greens, use low fat milk, and substitute meat with fish from time to time, I will get more points and stay full without harming my weight loss.

I started looking for WW approved meals right away, but not much is readily available. I didn’t find anything specifically dedicated to WW at Publix or Costco. Of course, I can be a very good judge of what I should eat myself, but having some help would be nice. This is when my sister recommended the Bunny James Box.

I have never heard of Bunny James Box before, but now I’m quite familiar. The founder of the snack box company was inspired by a real life rabbit Harvey, who went from being a bar rabbit to a sheep herding bunny. This serves to show that we all can be what we want to be no matter our roots or tough beginning. To achieve our goals and aspirations sometimes we need encouragement and a good diet. This is what Bunny James boxes are all about.

Bunny James Box Story

You will find an inspirational note or story in every box you receive. It’s not a subscription box. You can go to mrbynnyjames website or social media and pick one of over 40 boxes to fit your unique needs at any time. Some boxes are smaller, some bigger, some feature international foods, some focus on specific diets and food groups - keto, gluten-free, healthy, vegan, protein, fitness, variety, and even holiday theme.

My one and only interest is WW friendly foods and there is a box for that – Healthy Snack Sampler Box WW Friendly (10 count). Jackpot! It cost $29.99, which is a little pricey for stuff I can probably find myself, but the convenience is priceless. And I know that all the snacks would be approved by WW, so no homework is needed from me.

I liked what I tried, so hopefully there will be other WW friendly boxes at Bunny James for me to order in the future. Here is what came in this one:

  • Eden Pumpkin Seeds Dry Roasted and Organic – small snack size pack with delicious salty seeds is exactly what I need in my car from time to time. Just 170 calories and very filling.

Eden Pumpkin Seeds

  • ShrewedFood Protein Puffs Baked Cheddar – these puffs are a bit too salty for my liking, but taste good and provide 14 grams of protein. Perfect for the days when I’ll be getting back to my boot camp training.

ShrewedFood Protein Puffs Baked Cheddar

  • Bunny James Organic Carrot Fries with sea salt – these carrots are little dried sticks of carrots. I like that they are not too salty and are absolutely crunchy. The snack contains all sorts of good stuff and only 100 calories. I can definitely see why WW would approve it.

Bunny James Organic Carrot Fries

  • Wonderful Pistachios roasted and salted – my husband loves this brand, so we have them at home, but we prefer roasted no salt variety. I am not a big fan of pistachios, so I’ll donate this to my husband.

Wonderful Pistachios

  • Smartcake Beyond Gluten Free Cinnamon smart cakes – each cake has just 38 calories, so it’s almost like 0 WW points. I love cinnamon anything, but don’t really follow gluten-free or keto diet. These smart cakes are friendly to both and I have to admit that they taste pretty good too.
  • Field Trip Pepperoni Seasoned Meat Stick – it is made with grass fed beef and vegetarian fed pork and is just a little spicy. It’s pretty small, but served as a perfect after dinner snack.
  • Mission Meats Beef Bar – this is a bigger meat snack without any pork, so it could cater to kosher diet too. I am yet to try it, but it looks good.

Mission Meats Beef Bar Offer

My dog thinks it smells good too, even when packed in vacuum.

Mission Meats Beef Bar

  • VEL Almond Berry vegan bar – I am taking it with me to a weekend hike with my girlfriends and will see how good it is when I really need some energy. It’s all natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, and a good source of fiber. It has 130 calories.

VEL Almond Berry Vegan Bar

  • My Gourmet Mild Spicy Tuna with Crackers from The Portable Delicious Snack – this snack is also perfect for a hiking trip or for a quick break at work. I absolutely loved the flavor and how easy it was to open and spread. I would totally buy more.

My Gourmet Mild Spicy Tuna with Crackers

  • Organic Mama Chia Squeeze Vitality Snack – this is food for babies and astronauts, or busy moms. It comes in a pouch that needs to be squeezed directly into the mouth.

Organic Mama Chia Squeeze Vitality Snack

I love this strawberry banana flavor and a light dose of just 70 calories.

All in all, my first Bunny James box is full of nice flavors and good ideas, which is exactly what I need in order to enjoy my WW diet and lifestyle. I will definitely buy a Bunny Box again!