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There is a secret to French-press coffee makers. They all work the same way. You have coffee grounds, pour in hot water, cover and wait for four minutes, plunge and then pour into your mug. There are drip coffee makers which will make coffee as good as a machine but the quality of coffee that one can get from a French press will be determined by your skill as well the quality of beings that you use. Sometimes it is hard to determine whether your coffee has been made in a French press.

Material does matter though and there are French presses native better types for coffee drinkers even when coffee machines basically do the same thing. To figure out which French press is best here are the most common types of French presses and the pros and cons of each one.


Glass French-Press Coffee Makers

If you typically picture a French press you think of something with a metal scaffolding in a glass carafe. This is the typical standard French press and is the least expensive and often available. It is a solid choice for any beginner or someone who doesn't want to spend too much money on a coffee maker.

The downside is that the glass can easily break but there are brands like Bodum that will sell the replacement carafe for just such accident. The glasses easy to clean and they are dishwasher safe. They come in colorful designs.

However when you like to drink your coffee over the course of a couple hours. Glass is not the best choice. It is not a good insulator so the coffee becomes cold soon after making it.


Mr. Coffee 4 cup Coffee Press in Black

This coffeemaker is only $10 and is a no-frills 4-cup French press another good option for a beginner.


Bonjour Monet 3 cup French press

This is a classically styled French press and comes with silver accents and a glass carafe. The smallest comes as a 3 cup, which is ideal for people who really want coffee for one.


Bialetti Preziosa 11.83 oz. French Press

This is a stainless steel and glass French press from an Italian espresso company.


Bodum Chambord Classic French Press

This is a classic style with 8 cups and this comes in a modern copper finish.


Grosche Madrid 8 cup French Press

If you are a minimalist, this is a metal press from the Canadian coffee company.


Bodum Eileen 8 cup French press-gold

A maximalist metal French press.


Grosche Melbourne 8 cup Bamboo and Cork French Press

This is a French press with a glass body and would be ideal for those who are organic.


Plastic French-press Coffee Makers

There is an advantage to having a plastic French press as one cannot break it and it is cheaper. One can use it when you camp or anywhere where you cannot bring glass. The flavor of the coffee is typically not affected if you use BPA plastic versus glass, as the plunger should be made of stainless steel.


OXO Good Grips 8 cup French Press Coffee Maker Clear

In the interior pitcher, you will find a double-walled insulated with glass and clear plastic.


Bonjour Ami Matin 8 cup Unbreakable French Press

This French press has plastic casing and unbreakable plastic carafe.


Stoneware and Ceramic French-Press Coffee Makers

There are times French presses are made of stoneware or ceramic and they are typically more expensive. But they make a great showstopper when you are trying to impress friends or family. Typically like a cast-iron skillet or a Dutch oven, the stone and ceramic French presses retain the heat so when you have a leisurely morning you will have an entire press worth of coffee. They must be cleaned by hand however.


Le creuset 12 oz. Petite French press Coffee in Marseille

This is a single serving stoneware French press for someone who likes to take his or her time.


Yield Design Ceramic French Press

It is a white ceramic French press with a copper pleasure and can hold over 28 ounces of coffee and keep it warm.


Metal French-Press Coffee Makers

These metal French coffeemakers are the most versatile. They are ideal for entertaining as they are always good looking. Metal isn't known for retaining heat that they are well insulated with double walls so your coffee will stay hot. They are dishwasher safe and the chances of breaking them are slim. They are often quite expensive so you pay for all this versatility.


Frieling 23 oz. insulated Stainless Steel French Press in Brushed Finish

This entire French press is made from stainless steel including the handle and the plunger.


La Cefetiere Thermique 8 cup French press

This is an oblong shape stainless steel French press, which looks like a space age teapot.


Kitchen Aid Precision press coffee maker

This coffee maker is more high-tech than a traditional French press as it comes with a built-in scale and timer.


Travel French-Press Coffee Makers

A more traditional category is this travel French press. The concept comes with brewing your own coffee and being able to drink it all at the same time. It may be good if you want to make coffee at work or on the road. It will only make one serving at a time.


Planetary Design Desk Press 20 oz. French press Travel Mug

The travel mug has a plunger built-in so you can make it on the go.


Caffiano Compact Portable Coffee Press

This is another French press designed and used for travel as it collapses into a small plastic disc. Using it involves pulling it apart and adding grounds and water.