Black Friday Walmart 2020 Style

Black Friday Walmart 2020

Walmart is becoming more and more customer oriented and flexible. Meeting new demands dictated by COVID-19 is no exception as the retail giant is ready to reinvent its biggest selling days at the end of November.

Black Friday Walmart Offers

Black Friday is here to stay, but the best deals in-store only and wild stampedes might be a thing of the past.

Black Friday Walmart 2020 Deals

Instead of just one crazy day, Walmart will offer its best deals for three days this year and will call it Black Friday Deals for Days. This means that customers will still be treated to the deals they came to expect from Walmart, but the experience will be spread throughout entire month of November with 3 separate sales. Each of those days will feature massive discounts online and in stores. All online orders will have an option to be picked up at Walmart contact-free or shipped.

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Walmart is not going to compromise on discounts on Black Friday; it’s just going to do it safely. Customers have certain expectations and the retailer promises to deliver on all of them. It will be all about safety, convenience, and flexibility at Walmart this year, but that is our life now anyway.

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During these exclusive Deals for Days we can expect fantastic deals on the most popular brands and some exclusive discounts that will be at Walmart only. To accommodate all online and in person shoppers for multiple days of deals, Walmart has stocked up more than in the previous years.

Let’s take a quick look at all three events:

Event 1

Walmart Kitchen Appliances Sale

The event will start online on November 4th at 7pm and in-stores on November 7th at 5am.

Black Friday Walmart Kitchen Appliances Sale

Expect great prices on small kitchen appliances, Roku TVs, tires, and toys.

Event 2

Black Friday Walmart Electronics Deals

It starts online on November 11th at 7pm and will offer great prices on computers, tablets, and TVs. It goes live in-stores on November 14th at 5am. This will be the best time for small electronics and wireless phones.

Black Friday Walmart Electronics Sale

Event 3

This is the Black Friday home run – November 25th at 7pm online and November 27th at 5am in stores.

Walmart Christmas Decor Promotion

We will see the best prices on electronics, toys, apparel, gifts, home items, and Christmas décor.

Walmart holiday pajamas sale

Walmart is excited about spreading the sales and keeping things orderly and safe. Everybody’s health is top priority for Walmart this year and life will be safer for associates as well, for a change, not to mention that they will be able to spend some time with their families instead of going to work at 5am on Thanksgiving. At 5 am, when the doors will open on all 3 deals days, people will form a single line, will stand 6 feet apart, wear masks, and receive sanitized shopping carts. The number of customers in stores will be limited to 20% of normal capacity and everybody will be asked to shop on the right side of the isles to avoid bumping into one another.

Black Friday Walmart Apparel Sale

Walmart believes that one way to reduce COVID risk is to help customers shop online and pick up items in stores efficiently or offer speedy delivery to their homes. Online deals will be plenty and the physical stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day this year, so safe online shopping will be very attractive, more so than ever before.

Black Friday Walmart Kitchen Sale

Walmart is not alone in this online Black Friday over multiple days strategy. Many merchants are thinking along the same lines and will be offering extra Black Friday shopping opportunities from home. Home Depot, Target, Best Buy, and Kohl’s are all going to feature deals online all November long and will stay closed on Thanksgiving.

Black Friday Walmart 2020 Promo

During the year when crowds are not desired, retailers are doing their fair share to still provide us with deals, but without crowds. This is exciting and in our opinion should become a standard practice, corona or not. Fighting with other people and stampeding like wildebeest simply makes no sense in the 21st century.