Birds from KiwiCo

Birds from KiwiCo

If there is a little bird lover in your family surprise him with 3 great DIY projects about birds from KiwiCo. This box is called Birds and it offers supplies for making your own bird costume with a feathered mask and wings. Then you can sculpt a colorful clay bird and learn about different bird beaks. Have you ever wondered why different bird species have different beaks? If your little one is curious to know he will find the answer in the magazine.

Birds from KiwiCo Review

So let’s look at the contents of the box. Birds from KiwiCo includes wings, a mask, mask strip, fabric feather set, felt feather set, 4 beaks, 8 sticky dots, air-dry clay, 2 wiggle eyes, 3 sticks, elastic, instruction sheet and Imagine magazine.

To tell the truth, my son is not a big fan of birds. He is still dreaming about having a pet cat at home, so at first he was not very impressed by my gift. But when he saw fabric bird wings and colorful feathers he immediately got to work.

Bird Wings

Making Wings

Making wings turned out to be easier than ever. All he had to do is just button the fabric feathers to the wings. We decided to layer feathers on top of one another to make the bird fluffier.

KiwiCo Bird Wings

Put on your wings and hook one thumb to each elastic loop on the wing tips. Now you can flap your wings and even soar around!

Bird Wings from KiwiCo

Bird Mask

Bird Mask from KiwiCo

Make your bird costume complete with the bird mask you can make yourself. You will need a mask, mask strip, sticky dots, felt feathers, elastic and paper beaks.

  • First, stick felt feathers along the top of the mask.

KiwiCo Bird Mask

  • Then tie the elastic to the mask.

KiwiCo Bird Mask Making

  • Attach the nose and you can take off immediately.

Bird Mask

Consider switching out the beaks to resemble different birds. While playing my son and I discussed why birds have different beaks? They are all different shapes and sizes.

Clay Bird Sculpture

Making a Clay Bird

The last project from the box is about making a clay bird. It is of dark blue color with colorful tail feathers. You need air-dry clay, a small beak, wiggle eyes, felt feathers with slits, sticks and scrap paper to cover your workspace as the project is messy.

  • To make the body of the bird, roll half the clay into a ball, then shape it into a “U”.

Roll Half the Clay into a Ball

  • Roll a smaller ball to make the head and stick it onto the body.

Birds Body

  • Make two wings and stick them to each side of the bird’s body.

Stick the Wiggle Eyes

  • Stick the wiggle eyes and use felt feathers with sticks to make the bird’s tail. Let it dry overnight.

Clay Bird Sculpture

To learn more about the birds make sure you read the magazine. There you will find fun assignments like spotting things that are different on the picture and practicing bird moves to look exactly like the bird.

Birds from KiwiCo Deals

Plus your child will discover why birds have different beaks. Curious to know?  Then Birds from KiwiCo is right for your!