Best Vitamix Models

Best Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix blenders are indestructible. They are also expensive, but long lasting. They seem to be very much alike and have confusing names. So in addition to emptying your wallet quite a bit, you will have to do some serious thinking which machine to invest in. Don’t get me wrong – Vitamix is likely the only blender you will ever use, but why can’t they just name them Super Strong, Super Extra Strong, and Super Extra the Strongest?

Currently Vitamix selling retailers are offering great deals on most models, so let’s try to make some sense out of all of them before the sales are over. And let’s go with all the classics that made Vitamix into what it is today – the maker of some of the most powerful and functional mixers that will puree, crush, and blend just about everything with their 2-3.5HP motors and stainless steel blades that never dull.

Vitamix Professional Series 750

This is top of the line and will serve for when only the best will do. No job is too big for this one and no lump in a smoothie, soup, or Pina Colada is left behind. This blender has pre-programmed settings, self-cleans, and has a timer. It makes 64-oz of goodness and is pretty tall, so you will most likely have to keep it displayed on the kitchen counter. You can choose brushed stainless or copper finish. It comes with a 7 year warranty for your long peace of mind.

The Explorian 310

Vitamix The Explorian 310

This medium size work horse is currently discounted by up to $160 on Vitamix and other retailers, so get it while you can. It’s just a little bit less powerful than the 750, but is considerably cheaper. Its pitcher is 48-oz and the entire thing can fit in the biggest cabinets. There are no pre-programmed settings, but it has 10 speeds, so you will have no problem operating it for various tasks.

Legacy 5200

It’s tall and loved by chefs. It doesn’t have any pre-programmed settings, so your inner artist can really shine. It’s great for smoothies and sauces, both made elegantly.

Recon Standard 5200

The container that comes with it is tall and narrow, making it perfect for smoothies. It boasts variable speed controls and is not too loud. You will get 5-year warranty with it.

The Ascent Series Smart blenders

Vitamix Ascent Series Smart Blenders

Vitamix focused on style and versatility here. All 4 blenders are as powerful as Professional Series, but they also feature 4 different colors and metal accents. All of them are wireless and Bluetooth equipped. All of them can use various size Vitamix containers and will adjust to those sizes automatically. They all have 48-oz jars, include 10-year warranty, have timers, and are small enough to fit in most cabinets.

You can choose between:

  • A2300 ($450) – the most affordable of the series
  • A2500 ($500) – variable speed dial, 3 pre-set programs, 4 colors, compatible with food processor attachment, and 2 switches.
  • A3300 ($500) - 10 speeds, touchscreen control, pulse function.
  • A3500 ($600) – a Cadillac of blenders, 5 programs, programmable timer, quiet, infinite dial, self-detect technology, and touch-controlled.

Vitamix 5300

It’s very simple and intuitive even for inexperienced users. The pitcher is 64-oz and thus perfect for large batches. It features 10 speeds and is great for all kinds of textures. The blades are so sharp and the motor so powerful that food starts to heat up from friction, which is great for hot soups and various fondues. The blades don’t dull even when constantly crushing ice. This machine is very quiet and fits in most cabinets.

Refurbished blenders

This is perfect for bargain hunters. The blenders are often brand new or slightly used and rebuilt by the company to serve like new, but significantly discounted - by 25%. They still come with 5-year warranty.

If somebody asked us which model should they get, we would say either go for the fanciest (A3500) or just get the best deal. It’s always a good idea to be a minimalist, because all Vitamix models can do everything – think smoothies, soups, ice cream, batters, nut butters, and even bread kneading. The difference is in the details. And if you can live without 4 pre-programmed settings and a blue light, you will be fine with any one of them.