Best Organic Baby Food 2020

Best Organic Baby Food

  • Happy Baby Organics Pouches & Jars

This company was founded by a mom, who knew all too well the struggles parents go through looking for a ready-to-eat food that is not laden with chemicals, but is organic and tasty. Everything in the products, starting with pouches and jars and ending with ingredients, is 100% organic. The meals are made for stages 1-3 and also include teethers, crackers, puffs, and cereals, veggie straws, and bowls.

  • Beech-Nut Organic Pouches & Jars

The company has been around and making baby food since 1931. In fact, they are the ones who created vacuum jar, which since became a standard for all baby food. Sustainability is very important to this company and they are certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) to prove it. They have jars and pouches for stages 1-4 of fruit and cereal blends that are organic, tasty, and contain no added sugars.

  • Little Journey Pouches from Aldi

This German retailer has their own line of pouches and snacks. All ingredients are organic and nutritious. Growing babies are offered munchers, puffs, and yogurt bites. The price of these pouches is hard to beat and moms also love the fact that there are no artificial ingredients and food coloring in this baby food. Whole milk yogurt is a main ingredient in some meals.

  • Little Spoon

This baby food can’t be found in supermarkets, but can be ordered as a subscription. You can expect ingredients and healthy combinations that are simply not available anywhere else – buckwheat, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and even hemp seeds. Little Spoon also offers small packs of so called boosters, which can be added to baby food for extra nutrition. Boosters contain probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and produce.

Top Organic Baby Food

  • Plum Organics Pouches

All ingredients of Plum foods are organic. Puffs and teethers are also available for growing babies. Plum makes food for all stages and includes meat blends for stage three. Your baby will enjoy organic beef, chicken, and turkey. Some combinations have fruit, veggies, grain, and yogurt. Plum donates Super Smoothie pouches for families in need.

  • Sprout Organic Baby Food

While you can buy all kinds of pouches from Sprout, they make about 50 products in total for all stages. Starting with stage 2, you can choose plant power puffs, pouches, and teethers. The company is known for plant power ingredients and proteins from legumes and beans. Toddlers love waffles, healthy purees, crispy snacks, smoothies, and various chews.

  • Gerber Organic Pouches & Freshful Start

Gerber has been branching into organic foods and it’s nice to see. They offer organic pouches and cereals, foods in jars, coconut water beverages for toddlers, crisp snacks, and fruit & vegetable snack bars. Moms especially love Grain and Grow morning bowls, which are not only organic, but contain ancient grains and 15% daily iron.

Freshful Start line is an organic line of baby food that is refrigerated and has to be warmed up. Purees and veggie bowls are among the most popular from this collection.

  • Once Upon a Farm Organic Cold-Pressed Pouches

Jenifer Garner is behind this line of pouches and cups as a co-founder. All the ingredients are organic and sustainably grown. Cold pressing is an innovative technology, when taste, nutrients, and texture are fresh and altered as little as possible.

  • Earth’s Best Organic Pouches and Jars

Earth’s Best uses only organic ingredients for all stages. They offer 3 different infant cereals – oatmeal, multi-grain, and rice. Stage 2 pouches are made of all kinds of fruit and veggie combinations, while stage 3 includes lean chicken and turkey.

  • Peter Rabbit Organics Pouches

Peter Rabbit makes pouches without any water dilution or ascorbic acid. They might not have 50 flavors, but what they have is quality meals of fruit and veggies, and seeds with oats.  You will find no gluten in the foods and no BPA in the packaging.