Best Nutrisystem Meals

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Top Nutrisystem Meals

Best of anything can be very subjective, I admit. I am not an expert, but I tried enough Nutrisystem meals to form an opinion about what I like and what I don’t care for. So yes, this will be subjective, but I felt like I needed to share my favorite meals from Nutrisystem.

I like fresh food and always enjoy cooking from scratch, so getting used to Nutrisystem’s frozen and ready-to-eat meals wasn’t very easy. However, I saw health benefits in the program, started losing weight, and really fell in love with many meals.

Top Nutrisystem Ready-to-Eat Meals

Nutrisystem focuses on small portions, low carbs, low calories, and healthy fat and protein to help customers reset their bodies, change their diets, and lose weight the healthy way. The company also offers plenty of resources online, counseling, and healthy cooking recipes. This makes me feel confident that even after my diet is over, I will be able to modify the way I ate before and stay true to my weight goals. Nutrisystem is here to teach us how to choose healthy food and guide us on our continued weight loss journey.

While going from regular meals and junk food to very few calories per day is hard, trust me, Nutrisystem makes it bearable with tasty meals that arrive to your door. Monthly plan includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. The calories are counted for you and all the meals are nutritionally balanced. All you have to do is decide what will you enjoy today and every day for a month. This is what I loved the most:



Nutrisystem Hamburger Deals

I have to admit – I added some veggies to this, but it was good, and I am not even a big hamburger lover. This creation didn’t have any ham, so technically it’s a burger. The bun is tasty, but you could tell that it’s whole grain and good for you.

Nutrisystem Hamburger

The meat really needed some veggies, so I added tomatoes and dill, with three avocado slices on the side. Onion would be great here too, as well as some lettuce and a pickle. With all those additions you won’t even be able to tell that it’s diet food with just 240 calories, but 14g of protein and 5g of fiber.

Cheddar broccoli rice

Nutrisystem Cheddar broccoli riceThis meal smelled so good while warming up that my kids came asking what I am cooking for them. Only that it wasn’t for them! This is the longest to make Nutrisystem meal I have ever tired – you have to microwave it for over 2 minutes, then keep it covered with a plate for 8 minutes, and finally let it sit for another 2 uncovered. It’s all worth it though. I really enjoyed the salty taste of cheddar cheese, subtle hints of broccoli, and just 200 calories. 10 grams of protein is also not bad after my morning work out!


Hearty beef stew

Nutrisystem Hearty beef stew

If this won’t remind you of your grandma’s pot stew, I don’t know what will! I loved this rustic and sentimental taste of home with plenty of beef, carrots, and potatoes. It smelled wonderful and tasted even better. The portion is small, but filling with just 150 calories, but 17g of carbs and 14g of protein.

Nutrisystem Hearty beef stew discount

Chili with beans

Nutrisystem Chili with beans

This would work perfectly for a cold winter day, but I enjoyed it on a nice spring day just the same. It was unusually chilly for this time of the year, so chili felt just right. It contains lots of beans and beef, but is not spicy, as it should be according to the label. It was plenty flavorful though, so I am not complaining. I could eat a meal like that every day and lose weight consuming just 240 calories, but at the same time getting 14g of protein.

Nutrisystem Chili with Beans Promo

These 4 meals are my favorite, but there were many others that tasted good. I might not like eating Nutrisystem diet for years, but I love it for a few months while I lose some winter and quarantine pounds. Nutrisystem also reduces my need to shop for groceries, so I don’t have to arm myself with gloves and masks every few days, which is another great benefit of this program.