Best Food Delivery Companies of 2020

Best Food Delivery Companies

Coronavirus hasn’t been that bad for everybody – while many restaurants shut down their dining rooms and left only kitchens open, food delivery apps went into overdrive. 2020 has definitely gone to DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, and all others as we stayed home and ordered our feasts right from our phones.

All those apps now do what your pizza boys used to do, except with way more options. With just a few clicks, you can get your favorite meals from local fast food chains, fancy eateries, and every little joint in between.

While most of food delivery apps look and work almost the same, they differ on coverage, restaurants available, promotions, and delivery fees. To start ordering food, you will have to create an account with your name, address, and credit card. Most first time orders will have no delivery fee at all, but it’s a Wild West afterwards, because your price will depend on times of day, current promotions, and membership status.

It’s worth noting that while very convenient, many of those companies have been having issues with drivers’ tips and high fees for partner eateries. If you can, try ordering from your favorite restaurants directly and save them from fees of up to 30% that they have to pay to third party delivery companies.

Take a look at our personal experience and comparison of a few major food delivery apps:


DoorDash is one of the biggest delivery companies with over 4,000 cities in US, Canada, and Australia served and 310,000 restaurant partners worldwide.

As you enter the app, you will see icons with cuisine types. Scrolling down you can search by your favorite food makers, DoorDash national partners, free delivery, fastest delivery, best rated, and much more. Once you select an eatery of choice, you will see the most popular menu items, the entire menu, delivery time estimation, price, and distance.

DoorDash has $10 per month membership called DashPass, which offers free delivery from thousands of joints. Members often get lower fees as well.

DoorDash does something that nobody else is doing – it not only lets you rate food quality and how quickly the restaurant worked with the driver, but also delivers alcohol and drink mixers from grocery stores.

Uber Eats

The company serves 500 cities in 24 countries and works with 320,000 eateries.

Uber Eats wins for fast service hands down - they have been doing some driving for a while after all. The app looks very similar to all others – special offers, most popular places, search by cuisine, diet, price, distance, delivery time, and more. You can also see your previous orders and use shortcuts if you want to order the same things again.

There is driver tracking option on the app for those starving customers. Many users claim that Uber Eats doesn’t have as many promotions as DoorDash, but you can still find deals there too.

There is Uber Rewards program for points from meal delivery and ride sharing, and also Eats Pass membership for $9.99 per month, which gives free deliveries and other perks.


This service is a little different because it’s more than just food delivery. The company serves 4,200 cities and works with 500,000 restaurants. And then there are various retail shops and other services that you can get deliveries from.

The app is easy to use and user-friendly. You can pick restaurant options based on popularity, reviews, prices, and cuisines. The company delivers 24/7 as long as a restaurant or a store you are buying from is open. You can expect to pay between $1 and $10 for delivery depending on the time of the day. Postmates is valued for their deals and Party, which is joining people who are ordering something from your neighborhood and getting free delivery.

Postmates services a variety of stores and pharmacies, so you can get your sushi and a dress at the same time if you so desire.

Postmates Unlimited is a $10 per month membership for free deliveries on $15+.


This company operates in 4,000 cities in US and London, UK, and works with about 140,000 restaurants.

The app works the same way as most others and lets you sort food and restaurants based on various criterion. There is My Grubhub section where you can find your past orders and deals just for you.

Grubhub+ is a $9.99 per month membership that really helps with cost reduction. See Grubhub coupons here.

This is the ultimate service for everything deliverable, from food from over 15,000 restaurants in 1,800 cities to dry cleaning and gifts for your loved ones.

While the app has all the same options for food delivery as all others, here you can also choose to search based on the things that are important to you, for example, deals only, no delivery fee only, new eateries only, or good for groups only. offers points for meals and other items, so if you order often enough, you can earn free deliveries, meals, and even gadgets.

When it boils down to it, the best food delivery app is the one that works best for you, so try all of them and decide for yourself. All those apps are free and all major cities are served. In fact, you can find smaller local apps in each major metropolitan area too.

Only by trying you can find out which company charges the least in your area at a time of day that you need, which has the best deals that apply to you, and which can deliver the fastest repeatedly.