Best European Organic Baby Formula Holle

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New moms often have countless ads thrown at them advertising every formula under the sun. If for some reason you can’t breastfeed, how can you tell which formula is best for your child?

While baby feeding needs can be individual and very personal, the quality of ingredients and nutrients in any given formula should be of the same high standard. Unfortunately, they are not. This is why some moms resolve to buying their formulas abroad. We have one that we like and would recommend to babies in the US – Holle organic baby food from Germany. Read on to find out why we feel this way and where to get it.

When breastfeeding doesn’t work or after you stop, you want your baby to have the best possible nourishment and for that many US formulas are inferior to European ones. This is why so many health conscious moms are turning to the old world and its offers. Take a look at their reasons:

  1. Sugar contents

European Union is stricter about many food ingredients, including sugar, especially when we talk about baby formula. Sucrose, or white granulated sugar, is found in most US companies formulas. Some of them use brown rice sugar, which is just as bad.

Some sugar is needed to make formula taste better for babies, but not the amounts and the kinds in standard US formulas. Holle uses maltodextrin, which is a type of corn sugar, but not high fructose syrup. This kind of sugar has longer chains of glucose, so less of it is needed.

  1. You can choose formula based on stages or age

Every baby grows differently and thus has different needs. Parents can choose which stage of Holle is needed for their babies based on the achievements and maturity:

  • Stage 1 – from birth
  • Stage 2 – from 6 months
  • Stage 3 – from 10 months
  • Stage 4 – after 1 year

Each age and growth stage needs different nutrients, such as iron, protein, and vitamins. Holle allows parents to make decisions about those needs easier.

  1. No extra ingredients and chemicals

European Union is very serious about strict standards for food, from GMO ingredients to chemicals and extra nutrients in milk based infant formula. While you will find lycopene, lutein, taurine, nucleotides, l-methionine, l-carnitine, and many others in US formulas, they are totally not required for baby and forbidden in European organic baby foods altogether. Less is more sometimes and many moms choose to go that route.

  1. Iron concentration

US based formulas tend to have a lot more iron than is allowed in European Union, and yet European babies don’t suffer from iron deficiency. So why include more of it than needed? Yes, it can definitely be too much of a good thing sometimes.

  1. The easiness of switching

Many moms swear that switching from breastfeeding to Holle was easy and almost seamless – no spitting up, no fussiness, diarrhea, constipation, or gas. Many reported a very different experience with US based formulas. Holle might just be the next best thing after breastmilk!

Where to buy this European formula?

Finding reliable vendors for European products might be challenging, but totally possible. Organics for Your Baby is a family owned company from South Carolina, which provides 1-3 day free shipping and outstanding customer service to answer any and all questions moms might have. They are tried, tested, and always trustworthy.

Organic Baby Food 24 is a company in Germany that specializes in providing organic European formula to parents everywhere in the world. They ship and sell bulk orders, which enables them to offer great prices and discounts up to 60% more than other vendors in the US and Canada. Expedited 2-day shipping, excellent customer service, and expert tips are available from them all the time.

Organic Baby Food ships from Germany, so regular shipping might take 2-3 weeks, but you won’t have to pay any custom fees. The company is Trusted Shops certified, so you can rest assured that their entire process and operations are safe and insured. The company maintains a large warehouse and never runs out of stock, which is crucial for baby formula.

Both distributor companies often feature coupons and special deals, so don’t forget to look out for those before ordering!