Best Chocolate Gifts

Mother's Day Chocolate Gift

There is hardly any woman who doesn’t like fine chocolate. Traditionally chocolate has been one of the most popular gifts on most occasions and it is definitely a great gift on Mother’s Day too.  The custom of presenting chocolates is long lasting and goes back to the ancient times when cocoa seeds were used as a form of currency in Mesoamerica. Chocolate was so expensive that only the rich could afford it.

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For example, chocolate in its drinking form was served in the court of emperor Montezuma. After the Spanish conquest chocolate was brought to Europe where it was also associated with luxury and splendor. Since that time chocolate has been presented as a token of appreciation and love due to its indulgent nature and original high-value status.

LetterPress Chocolate

No wonder that various chocolate brands package their products using conventional elements of luxury. And when you are looking for exclusive gifts for special occasion having elaborately designed box of fine chocolate is a must. From Godiva to LetterPress and Ghirardelli you will find delicious chocolate sumptuously wrapped and featuring embossed cursive and silk bows.

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate

Luckily, many stores now offer a wide selection of chocolate gifts that will entice sensual indulgence. For example, you can use Macy’s Gift Card or check other Macy’s promotions to treat your mom with something really special. Or look for Godiva promo codes here to save up to 15% on your online purchase. With Ghirardelli coupons you can you get up to 20% Off chocolate and other sweets.

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My favorite chocolate brand is Ghirardelli because of its incredible variety of chocolate bars with different flavors and a huge assortment of dark chocolate.

Ghirardelli Unsweetened Chocolate

There is Mo’s Dark, Intense Dark and even 100% Cacao unsweetened chocolate for those who appreciate genuine original flavor. Of course, there is a great selection of milk chocolate bars for gourmets who prefer sweeter delights.

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I used to buy Ghirardelli 100% Cacao at Whole Foods in the baking section, but now it is gone. Now I order it at Pittman & Davis online and use Pittman & Davis coupon codes to get a discount.  Another good store to check when shopping for exclusive sweets is Hickory Farms. Here you can order nice gift baskets with quality chocolate included at a good price. Hickory Farms deals are available here.

According to my friend, Hu chocolate is the best. And when I come to visit for a cup of tea I always have a bar of Almond Butter or Hazelnut Butter with me as a small treat.

Hu Choice of Dark Chocolate

Hu choice of dark chocolate is hard to beat:  Crunchy Mink, Vanilla Crunch, Almond Crunch, Cashew Butter, Salty and more. Plus these products are vegan and have organic ingredients: organic cacao, cacao butter and organic unrefined cacao sugar.

Hu Chocolate

There is also a nice Mother’s Day gift box you might want to order for the dearest person in your life. I usually order Hu chocolate at Kroger and get Instacart delivery or just check out Walmart and save with Walmart coupon codes.       

HU Chocolate Offers

When I travel I try to find some unique chocolate gifts to present to my friends and relatives.  From my last European trip I brought a variety of mouth watering candy and chocolate bars in exclusive packaging. There was a cute gift box with chocolate rabbits and eggs that made a perfect Easter gift for my sons.