Best Butter for Baking

Butter for Cooking offer

Everyone who is versed in baking knows that having high quality ingredients ensures delicious baked products. Butter is one of the main ingredients and its quality and taste contribute to the finished product. With two kids in the family I do bake home biscuits, cupcakes and cakes pretty often. All these recipes require adding butter and its quality, taste and fat content determine whether the finished goods melt in the mouth or will be sticky and with poor flavor.

Butter for Cooking

Even more, I do believe that butter is the most important ingredient in the baked goods and its quality determine whether the recipe is a success or a failure. It affects the flavor in a significant way, adds tenderness and it is the one that produces those flaky layers that distinguish high quality bakes goods.

Unsalted Butter

So, which butter to choose for cooking? When choosing which butter to use for cooking always opt for unsalted butter. The reason is obvious: too much salt may affect the taste and tenderness of the baked products. Also, the fat content in butter does matter. Higher butter content ensures better quality of the cookie or pie you make.

KerryGold Butter

Well, it’s clear that we should look for unsalted butter with high fat content. But what brand is the best? For years I used to think that the best butter for baking is KerryGold Unsalted Pure Irish Butter.

KerryGold Unsalted Pure Irish Butter

It tastes really good, and the quality is excellent. It costs about $4.5 in most grocery stores, but I prefer to purchase it at Trader Joe’s where it is $1 or $1.5 cheaper.

Amish Roll Butter

But during the cooking class the instructor advised me to try Amish Roll Butter and I liked it very much. I used this butter to make cookies and they tasted out of this world! Since then, I always use it for baking and purchase it often. When I lived in Virginia, I used to buy it at Whole Foods. Here, in California, I prefer ordering it at Goldbelly and get it delivered. In fact, I found the delivery service of Goldbelly pretty useful for me. It’s so convenient to get most of my grocery shopping delivered right to my doorstep. What’s more, the price of butter is much less with Goldbelly coupon I usually apply with my order. Unfortunately, I can’t get the coupons all the time, but when I do I try to order in bulk to get more at the cheaper price.

Amish Roll Butter on Goldbelly

I often bake for my children and that is why having plenty of butter in the fridge is essential for me. Whether its raisins cupcakes, shortbread or butter cookies most of my hottest recipes call for quality butter. Now I have a new baking assistant, my elder son, who finds baking exciting. Together we make baking battles and the rest of the family become the judges. We have home culinary shows usually at the weekend when everybody is at home and sometimes even invite our neighbors with their children to watch the show and help themselves to whatever we’ve made that day. Such competitions add fun to our weekend routine and having some special and unique family traditions help us stay united.

Butter for Baking