Best Personalized Cutting Boards

Best Personalized Cutting Boards

Cutting board is an essential item in every kitchen. A few of them are even better, so I think it’s safe to say that no home chef can have too many wooden cutting boards, in fact, the more – the merrier. Cutting boards of all kinds make perfect gifts and can be used not only for cutting, but also as wall art or serving trays.

As of lately, I got very excited about personalized gifts and I think my family members and friends will be getting plenty of those during upcoming holidays and celebrations, be it birthdays, Valentine’s Days, Mother’s Days, Father’s Days, or graduations. While there are all kinds of cutting boards made of every type of wood available, gifting a board that features a name, a family name, and a special message is definitely takes gift giving a few notches up.

Personalized Cutting Board Coupon

There are many places where one can find personalized gifts galore, including cutting boards, but my go to place for all unique gift needs is always Personalization Mall. I love it because of plenty of choices, fast personalization and shipping, high quality, and great prices.

Things Remembered also offers many different personalized cutting boards; I find them high quality, but simpler and more expensive.

Personalization Mall offers many ways to save with sales, discounts, free shipping on $49, and exclusive promo codes. I used 20% off coupon MILES20 and was able to save significant amount of money.

Let’s take a look at what kinds of boards can be bought at Personalization Mall and at Things Remembered:

Rectangle Butcher Block Cutting Board - $60 at Things Remembered

Mommys Kitchen

It is made of natural acacia wood and measures 18x12. Give it to her, him, or them, and it will make anybody happy with its luxurious feel and message that can be included. The board is hand-wash only, but I doubt anybody will be using this beauty for heavy cutting anyway. I kind of see cheeses displayed on it for guests to marvel at.

Farmhouse Kitchen Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board - $39.99 (was $59.99) at Personalization Mall

Personalization Mall Cutting Board

This board is made of light color bamboo and leaves lots of space for personalization around the image of a rooster. My kids love cooking, so I decided to gift this gift for them and had the board engraved with “Babe’s Kitchen”, “100% Organic”, and “100% Farm Fresh” messages. It is used in our kitchen all the time and can stand the test of time and usage for sure!

Family Connection Personalized Puzzle Piece Cutting Board - $26.39 at Personalization Mall

This is another one to love - made of maple wood and allowing for large letter name and small font message. The board is not very large, but carries a lot of meaning. I love its natural wood knots and color variations.

Close to her Heart Personalized Heart Shaped Cutting Board - $27.99 at Personalization Mall

You can add 21 names on this board, making it a perfect gift for teachers or coworkers. Each name can be written in different font on this beautiful maple wood board.

Home State Personalized Butcher Block Cutting Board - $79.99 (was $99.99) at Personalization Mall

The board is made of various pieces of wood and features a state of choice incorporated in the middle of word ‘Home’. There is also space for family name and a city where they live, making it a very sentimental gift.

Maple Golf Cutting Board - $48 at Things Remembered

If you have an avid golfer in your life, this gift is perfect. Light wood simple board can be customized with an illustration and a family name.

These are just a few examples of cutting boards available at Personalization Mall and Things Remembered. There are some more expensive boards and some simpler ones to fit every budget. Besides these two companies, you can find cutting boards at many other retailers. Let’s take a look:

Bed Bath and Beyond

I would say that the selection of customized wooden cutting boards here can rival the selection at Personalization Mall; actually, most boards available at Personalization Mall are also available here, and for the same price. Personalization is included and takes 1-3 days. Shipping on all orders of $39 is free. I think this retailer offers a great alternative for personalization. I found boards anywhere from $29.99 to $90.

Personal Creations

This retailer has a lot smaller choice of cutting boards than Personalization Mall and Bed, Bath & Beyond. It is similar to what Things Remembered offers, but a lot more affordable and probably of lesser quality. Sometimes you don’t need an insane amount of items to choose from, and in that case Personal Creations is perfect. Right now you will get 15% off every order and find boards between $25 and $60. It takes 1-3 days to get them made.


Best Personalized Cutting Boards

This might be an unlikely place, but yes, Walmart has plenty of personalized cutting boards and with prices that beat all others – starting at $15. Granted, the thickness of the wood and the longevity might not rival that of Things Remembered, but they are very fun and cute. The most expensive board I saw at Walmart was $69. I got two from there:

  • Happiness Is Homemade Personalized bamboo Cutting Board - $25.99

This beautiful two-tone board features a mason jar in the middle and offers space on the bottom for two lines of message. It’s beautifully crafted and thick.

  • Personalized Bamboo Two-Tone Cutting Board - $25.37

The board is square and also made of two-tone bamboo. It features a stamp in the middle with a family name inside the circle, names on top, and a spot for a message on the bottom. I think this would make a perfect wedding gift for anybody.

And then there is Williams-Sonoma

This store has very classy and modern shaped cutting boards and offers them at prices that are higher than anywhere else. They are very high quality, but I haven’t seen any personalization options, so I have to assume that they can only be monogrammed, but that’s as far as personalization goes. Even without that, the boards are very nice looking and would make perfect gifts as long as you are willing to spend around $100.