Shoe Cake Topper

Shoe Cake Topper: How to make a Gumpaste Sugar Shoe Cake Topper

Shoe Cake Topper


In today’s fashion obsessed world, fashion inspired cakes are in high demand and gaining popularity. And few of handbag, make up, or Nigerian wrapper cakes are complete without an edible high heel shoe topper. Such shoe cake toppers are tricky to make by hand and will require various cutters and paper templates to complete. Marcia Brown of Designerart Cakes has made it her life work designing fancy cake toppers and created 10 tools Ultimate High Heel Sugar Shoe Cake Kit. With this cake in hand, you can wow the most fashion savvy people with your various edible sugar shoe designs.


Let’s start with materials used:


-Designerart Cakes New Revised Ultimate High Heel Sugar Shoe Cake Kit

The kit includes:

  • Polystyrene large high eel shoe shape
  • Polystyrene heel shape
  • Four pc. plastic cutter kit – sole, front shape, shoe straps, heel shape
  • Heel mould from silicone
  • Bamboo spindle package
  • Step by step explanation
  • DVD training session
  • Ann shoe model
  • Alex shoe model

Additional tools:

   PME sewing instrument

   PME knife instrument

   Plain roll

   Roll with a small embosser of alligator texture

   Water and brush for gluing

   Gumpaste or molding paste (Marcia Brown paste of red, black, and tan brown can be used)


Step by step tutorial and explanation:


  1. The shoe heel is made of about 20g of Gumpaste. The paste is fitted into the heel shape until firm and smooth.
  2. Bamboo skewer has to be inserted halfway into the paste, starting at the narrow ending opening of the heel form. Make sure it goes through the Gumpaste by twist motion and doesn’t come out through the sides.
  3. Put the prepared heel form to the freezer for 20 mins to make it firmer. This way the heel will come out of the mould much easier.
  4. Take the heel shape out of the freezer and gently nudge the formed heel out.
  5. Take the red gumpaste out, roll it, and cut a piece big enough to cover the inner part of the heel.
  6. Put the Gumpaste heel on the polystyrene heel shape.
  7. Take one black and one red large piece of Gumpaste, roll them out and then cut 2 shoe soles using the shoe sole cutter from the kit.
  8. Put the black sole on top, the red one under it, and glue them together with water.
  9. Using some water, attach the sole to the heel, red side facing down.
  10. Next step is to cut one more shoe sole from tan brown paste. Then using a blade cut out the piece of the toe area. Proceed with gluing it to the black side of the shoe sole with water this way forming a shoe lining.
  11. Use the PME sewing tool to work on the edges of the shoe sole lining.
  12. Roll out one tan brown and two black Gumpaste pieces.
  13. Use the alligator skin roll to emboss the black Gumpaste.
  14. The embossed black piece should go on top of the brown one.
  15. Use the heel design cutter to cut out one piece and then use the front shoe cutter to cut out another piece. There should be one black and one tan brown side.
  16. Use PME sewing tool to make stitching marks on both sides of those pieces.
  17. With the help of water glue the shoe front cut out with the black color piece facing up and the tan one facing down.
  18. While attaching this piece to the heel with water, make sure it is partially covering the heel and the layers of the sole are not visible.
  19. For the ankle strap, roll out and cut one black strip, emboss it, and attach to the heel. It is wise to use an ankle support dummy to make sure the strap maintains the shape. Shoe buckle is made of gold cake lase sequence.
  20. The last step is to make a four piece bow and glue it to the back of the shoe.


Once the shoe is finished, leave it to dry up to a day or at least overnight. The bamboo skewer should be left for support while the shoe is on top of the cake. If it gets in the way, you can remove it.